Istanbul Gungoren Rent a Car

Istanbul Gungoren Rent a CarGüngören is one of the regions with the fastest urbanization but with some infrastructure problems of the European Side of İstanbul. We have heard a lot about Güngören from Recep İvedik Movies. With textile workplaces, factories, shopping malls and with people coming from different cities of Turkey to work in Istanbul, Güngören is a region where there is a diverse socio-cultural structure. You can rent a car at İstanbul Airport and reach Güngören in about 45 minutes.

Rent a Car in Gungoren Istanbul

Rent a Car in Gungoren Istanbul

Of course, the traffic will be the main determinant of how much time your journey will take. So, what to do and where to visit in Güngören? List of Places to Visit in Güngören, İstanbul Although urbanization has been taking place recently in the region, the region also has historical sites. Güngören Genç Osman Mosque and Yeniçeri Ocağı are important historical sites. You should definitely see these two structures when you come to Güngören for business or for visiting relatives. There are many historic fountains in Güngören, a region where there were farms in the early 1900's. Vidos meadow in Güngören is also famous. Güngören Municipality's picnic area is also very lively. In these areas you can enjoy outdoors and relax. There are also plenty of places where you can eat or drink something. If you are in Güngören for business or for a visit to your relatives, you can easily reach many parts of Istanbul from this region. If you use public transportation, you may need to change multiple vehicles. However, you can rent a car in Güngören and go everywhere with the comfort of your own car. If you are thinking about renting a car in Güngören, you can compare prices on for the best prices. With the rental car options in Güngören, you can reach to airport or Esenler Bus Station more comfortably.

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