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Fatih is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul. Fatih, also referred as "real Istanbul" or "first Istanbul" in some resources, is today famous for its central location, historic buildings and excellent options for shopping. What is there to visit in Istanbul's Fatih? Fatih district covers the entire region where İstanbul began to develop.

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Fatih Mosque and Complex are among the symbols of the district. Nişancı Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Kariye Museum, Orthodox Patriarchate, Süleymaniye Mosque, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Rahmi Koç Museum, Rüstem Pasha Mosque, Historical Balat District, Spice Bazaar and many other important structures, works and historical sites are in Fatih. Fatih district is a rich excursion destination that will take a few days. The deepest traces of Byzantine and Ottoman periods in Istanbul can be found in this area. There is also a very impressive restaurant culture in Fatih, a very busy district. You can find yourself in front of the restaurants of the world's most famous chefs as you wander around the streets. The diners and restaurants in Fatih are perfect choice for Kebabs, meat dishes, seafood and special Istanbul and Turkish cuisine. Istanbul's most luxurious and oldest restaurants are also here. With Istanbul Ataturk Airport car rental options, you can enjoy your visit to Fatih. Especially Kariye Museum and Fatih Mosque must be seen. According to many researchers studying the history and art history of Istanbul, it is not possible to understand Istanbul without seeing these two works. You can compare prices on for affordable rental car options in Istanbul Fatih. From Fatih, you can travel to Beyoğlu, Nişantaşı and Şişli districts and you can discover the most beautiful spots of the city with pleasure. You can also leave the car you rented at the Ataturk Airport when leaving İstanbul.

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