Istanbul Emirgan Rent a Car

Istanbul Emirgan Rent a CarThe best thing about watching old Turkish movies is that one can see the simplest and most beautiful Istanbul. Emirgan also hosted Yeşilçam Cinema. One of the oldest and most beautiful districts of Istanbul, Emirgan means plane trees, judas trees, sea scent and Istanbul. Çınaraltı Kahvesi (Coffee House) is one of the most important places in Emirgan to visit.

Rent a Car Emirgan Istanbul

This coffee house, where Yahya Kemal, wrote many of his works, is an excellent stop in the shade of beautiful plane trees. When one sees the Şerifler Yalısı (Mansion) with its silhouette all in white, one cannot but think "I wish all of Istanbul consisted of such mansions". This mansion is such an elegant example of architecture that it offers a peaceful texture in such a crowd and mess. Inside the mansion, there is very valuable handcrafted wall decoration and in the garden there is a very nice fountain pool. The Emirgan Mosque, just behind the Şerifler Yalısı, is still beautiful with its location looking to the Bosphorus and the green texture behind it. One of the places where you can visit and enjoy yourself is the famous Atlı Köşk (Equestrian Villa). Located in a very beautiful and well-preserved coppice forest overlooking the breathtaking Bosphorus view from the hill, Atlı Köşk belongs to the Sabancı family. The terrace of the villa, where you can see precious works of art and important goods belonging to Sakıp Sabancı, watch a visual show describing the history of Istanbul and eat something before the perfect scenery, is delightful. Just behind Atlı Köşk, there is a coppice forest where Hidiv Ismail Paşa Pavilion is located. White Pavilion, Pink Pavilion and Yellow Pavilion are also inside this coppice forest. The Emirgan Grove is a wonderful place. There is a very romantic atmosphere with such exquisite pavilions on such a green, natural and well-preserved place. The Emirgan Grove, where many brides and bridegrooms visit for taking wedding photographs in spring, is a great option to eat something in front of the beautiful scenery and to enjoy İstanbul at the facilities of the municipality with relatively affordable prices. You can visit the Emirgan Grove with the car rental options at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. You can use car parks in the grove, and you can also go to other important districts and neighborhoods around Emirgan. You can easily search for prices of the rental car options in Emirgan on You can also find the most affordable rental car alternative in Emirgan, or get a quick price for the car brand-model you are looking for.

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