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Beyoglu Istanbul

Beyoğlu, one of the most central places of Istanbul for centuries, maintains this important position today as well. Although the number of residents in the district is 225,000, 2 million people visit the district since it is one of the business, commercial, entertainment and cultural centers.

Rent a Car Beyoglu Istanbul

This also proves that the district maintains its central position. History of Beyoğlu Beyoğlu actually signifies Istanbul. Hence, the history of this district is very deep. Beyoğlu has been a settlement since the Byzantine period and so many historical events occurred in this district as well. How to get to Beyoğlu? By renting a car from Istanbul Atatürk Airport, you can arrive in Beyoğlu in an hour. If you are coming from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, you may still need an hour to get there. You can also try the car rental options in Beyoğlu. Taksim, which is nearby, is a very rich location in terms of rent-a-car options. You can also find affordable rental car options for Beyoğlu at You can compare prices with and complete quickly and easily the rental process. What can we do in Beyoğlu? If you arrive in Beyoğlu in the early hours of the morning, you should go to Çukurcuma. Breakfast can wait, but Çukurcuma can't wait! Çukurcuma, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, is a distinguished quarter with its restored old houses, antique shops, art galleries and cafes. If you go in the early hours, you will get the opportunity to be the first to see a lot of interesting objects that have just arrived at antique shops. There are many places, where you can have breakfast in the district. If you go up to Istiklal Caddesi before noon, you will feel like you enter into a completely different world. Historical and modern architecture are combined in Istiklal Street. The street, which starts from Taksim Square and extends until the Tunnel, you will encounter dozens of historical and famous buildings. Circle D'orient (Emek Passage), which is now used as a shopping center after the restoration, Mısır Apartment, Narmanlı Han, Saint Antoine Church are the first buildings that come to mind. Of course, there are much to see in Istiklal Street other than historical buildings. There are many art galleries, cinemas, private theaters, cafes, and restaurants on Istiklal Street. The biggest art galleries in our country are also located in this region. There are hundreds of places, where you can shop as well. While mentioning shopping... Do not forget to travel in the back streets and do not neglect to visit the Terkos Passage! What to eat in Beyoğlu? Beyoglu offers you a large variety of restaurants and you can make a selection from restaurants preparing dishes from all over the world. Definitely, it would be challenging to make a decision. There are many café alternatives you can choose to sit in and relax afterward. While you can try the restaurants and cafes on the street, you can find some cafes and restaurants offering views of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus on the fifth and sixth floors of the buildings. Beyoğlu is famous for its profiteroles and chocolate. Taksim Square and Gezi Park are also places to be visited in Beyoğlu. If you take the right to the Golden Horn, you will arrive in Tarlabaşı. We recommend that you take a brief look at this region.