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Istanbul Esenler Rent a Car

Esenler, İstanbul Esenler is one of the busiest districts of Istanbul's European Side. Although it is not a residential settlement as old as Şişli, Taksim, Kadıköy or Üsküdar, this rapidly developing region has gained importance, especially with its proximity to the business centers and giant shopping centers. Esenler is becoming a more central location due to the presence of the main bus station of the European Side and its proximity to the Atatürk Airport. Where to visit and how to rent a car in Esenler?

With providing the fastest way to access the best priced alternatives for car rental options in the European Side of İstanbul, you can easily rent a car in Esenler as well. Then you can enjoy travelling both across Istanbul and Esenler and its vicinity. There are many shopping malls in Esenler. If you need to shop, you can find almost everything you are looking for in these large shopping malls. You can also go to the outlets of textile factories in Merter and Laleli and buy wholesale products here. Esenler offers many other things other than shopping. It is also very easy to get to different locations of the city from here. There is a large zoo museum and ice museum in Esenler. If you visit Esenler especially with your children, you can enjoy these tourist attractions with pleasure. Every year Anchovy Festival, Çiğ Köfte (Steak Tartar ala Turca) Festival, International Lullaby Festival and the Peace Bread Festival are held in the district, during which the district becomes quite busy. You can use the module for an affordable rental vehicle option in Esenler. With, you will not only find the vehicle you are looking for, but also compare the prices of different car rental companies for that vehicle.