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Istanbul Cekmekoy Rent a CarAlthough this region became a district in 2008, the history of Çekmeköy dates back to the period of Suleiman the Magnificient. According to history books, this region is particularly taken care by Nurbanu Sultan, the wife of Sultan Selim II and she especially made an effort for the development of the region. How to get to Çekmeköy? If you are in Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Anatolian side, you can arrive in Çekmeköy in 45 minutes by trying the car rental alternatives at Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Rent a Car Çekmeköy Istanbul

If you are on the European side, you can arrive in the region in 1 hour by using the car rental options from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Places to Visit in Çekmeköy Alemdağ Town is the most famous place of the Çekmeköy district, which continues to develop. Alemdağ is famous for many aspects, but one of the most prominent characteristics of the town is its freshwater bodies. Ayazma, Taşdelen, Tafranlı, Büyük and Küçük Elmalı and Saray freshwater bodies exist within the boundaries of this district. Alemdağ Forest, from where Taşdelen spring water emerged from, is also a well-known recreational area of Istanbul. In Alemdağ Forest, there are alternative routes where you can walk in nature, as you can have a family picnic. Alemdağ Korusu is one of the beautiful places where you can spend a day in nature with clean air. Having breakfast at the social facilities would be a different experience as well. It should be noted that the forest has been afforested during the period of Nurbanu Sultan and particularly it has been used as the hunting ground in Sultan Abdulaziz period by the Sultan himself. Çekmeköy has become a county that continues to grow with recent developments since it is very near to Istanbul's central districts, business and trade centers on the Anatolian side. By the construction of houses surrounded by green spaces in nature, it became a center with a variety of social and cultural opportunities. Since this region is very near to the business centers, people started to prefer more this region, which holds a variety of housing options including villas and high buildings. Thanks to the cultural center, social facilities and sports complexes built by Çekmeköy Municipality, the region may respond to many needs. It is very enjoyable to exercise sports in the clean air provided by the northern winds coming from the Black Sea. There are also recreational areas within the İspinoz social facilities, located in the district center. We recommend that you have an enjoyable lunch at this place, where children's playgrounds are also located. After the meal, you should take a walk with your family so that you would relax. While mentioning İspinoz social facilities, it is necessary to state that chaffinch is an important bird for Çekmeköy. The bird, known as Alemdağ chaffinch, is from the bird families of serinus, goldfinch and carduelis chloris and it is only observed in Alemdağ forest. If you are interested in observing nature, you should definitely meet Alemdağ chaffinch. From Çekmeköy district, you can easily go to Polenezköy or Şile. You may use for comparing the prices to find the most affordable rental option. displays the car prices and availabilities of reliable rent-a-car offices, operating in Çekmeköy. You can easily rent a car to travel around the region comfortably.

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