Istanbul Avcilar Rent a Car

Istanbul Avcilar Rent a Car

Avcılar district is one of the districts, which are not close to the center of Istanbul. But despite this distance, it remained a part of Istanbul thanks to its unique structure and extensive job opportunities. Depending on the traffic, you can rent a car arrive in Avcılar from Atatürk Airport in 20 minutes in the best-case scenario.

Rent a Car Avcılar Istanbul

Although the journey is not very enjoyable due to traffic, you will definitely enjoy the view of Küçükçekmece lake on one side and the sea on the other side, when you are approaching Avcılar. The center of Avcılar is also known as "Havuz" (Pool). Because, there has always been an ornamental pond for many years in the center, although its size has changed in time. The first thing you will notice around the pond is the existence of the parks on two sides. In these parks, where the children's playground and recreational areas exist, you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning with tea and Turkish bagel. On the one hand, the sound of the water coming from the pond will comfort you while watching the pigeons, walking around for getting a bite from your bagel. If you are looking for a complete breakfast, then you have to choose one of the cafés around you. There are many cafes opening their doors every morning with rich breakfast menus. Since it is a relatively new residential area, you will feel great when walking along the 5-kilometer, regulated coastline although there are not many historical and touristic destinations to visit. Do not forget to visit the Atatürk House and Museum, which is located in the Ulusal Egemenlik Park when you are at the Avcılar coastline. You may learn many things about Atatürk's life from Atatürk Museum, built according to a prototype of the house, where Atatürk lived in Thessaloniki. When you complete your trip at the coastline, you can eat your dinner at the restaurants located on the coastline. You can also a grilled fish sandwich around Avcılar Marina. There are many hotels you can choose to spend your evening in Avcılar. If you enjoyed your trip on the shore, you may enjoy a trip on the lake as well. Hence, you may choose Küçükçekmece to enjoy and spend a good time with your family in the green areas and parks, cafes, and restaurants on the banks of the lake. There is also a private museum in the area known as Gümüşpala quarter. Examples of Urartu, Hittite, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Islam artifacts are exhibited in the museum, which is founded by Haluk Perk. Bathonea Ancient City, located in the Küçükçekmece lakeside, north of Avcılar district, is one of the destinations to be seen. The most important characteristic of the ancient city is that the artifacts belong to the Hittites. Before Bathonea, it was assumed that the Hittites had never arrived in Thrace. It is also worth remarking that the oldest known waterway in Istanbul is located in Bathonea. Avcılar district, known as the "summer resort" until the middle of the 80's, left those periods behind but did not lose the spirit in this area. From Atatürk Airport, you can get rental car prices and go Avcılar by car. If you are planning to rent a car in Avcılar, you can find the most affordable option immediately with You can compare the prices of rent-a-car offices in Avcılar with, and you can effortlessly view the most affordable option.

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