Hatay - Hatay Center Rent a Car


City Centre You should definitely visit Hatay, where there are a lot of historical buildings, impressive bazaars and delicious taste stops. Hatay, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, can offer a pleasant weekend break to you with its cultural diversity and rich cuisine.

hatay rent a car

When you visit this beautiful city for holiday, visit to a relative, business trips or just a gourmet tour, you can rent a car at Hatay airport or in the center of Hatay and travel around the city more freely and comfortably. So, what to do, what to eat and where to visit in Hatay? You should absolutely try kağıt kebabı in Hatay. Kağıt kebabı is a special meat dish with plenty of spices in it and sharp taste. The zahter salad, made from local zahter plant and offering sour and sweet sauces together, is a refreshing taste for every meal. Like the spinach borani, side dishes with strained yoghurt and chili pepper are also remarkable in Hatay's cusine. Even if you do not drink alcohol, you should taste Hatay's side dishes. You can experience the taste of all these side dishes. There are plenty of places to visit in Hatay. Antakya Archaeological Museum, Eski Antakya region, Vakıflı Village, Titus Tunnels, Sokullu Caravanserai are just some of these. You can rent a car in the center of Hatay for a pleasant visit trip around Hatay and its neighboring cities and for a comfortable tour in Antakya with your family.

Hatay Rent a Car

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