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Eskisehir Airport Rent a Car

Eskişehir is a rare and exemplary city in our country that has created a brand new tourism culture with a completely modern infrastructure. With its crowded student population, military facilities, aviation base, production facilities of some of the most important brands, Eskişehir has shown a strong growth and rent a car is easy with

Rent a Car in Eskişehir Airport

The cozy cafes and restaurants in the city center, original museums with varied contents in different areas and the thematic parks are indeed the first in our country. "What to do in Eskişehir" can be answered as follows: You should definitely try çiğ börek (a patty type) and ciğer tava (fried liver), which are among the reasons why people visit Eskisehir. The botanical garden of the municipality and the Japanese Garden are areas where nature lovers will have a great time. We have already mentioned that the museums in Eskişehir are quite different from the ordinary museums and they have special contents. Eti City and Immigration Museum, Museum of Devrim Cars, Museum of World Museums and Movement Museum are among these special-content museums. The handicrafts museums are often very boring, but this cliché is not quite true for the ones in Eskişehir. Wooden Museum and Glass Works Museum is really worth seeing. With sculptures and thematic parks that make a European influence on the silhouette of the city, Eskişehir is a city where you can visit with great pleasure. You can use the system to rent a car in the center of Eskişehir and at Eskisehir Airport. You can quickly compare the prices of different car rental companies and reach the best-priced rental car option at Eskişehir Airport.