Erzurum Center Rent a Car

Erzurum Rent a Car

City Center Erzurum has a fabulous texture in Eastern Anatolia, offering important ruins about Assyrians, Roman Empire, Armenians and Turkish-Islamic history. Thanks to the semi-cosmopolitan atmosphere that results from the Atatürk University, it is possible to have a good time in the city.

erzurum rent a car

What can you do if you are in Erzurum for a family or relative visit, touristic tour or a business visit? Let's summarize: If you are interested in skiing, walking on the snow or snowboarding, then Palandöken is a very pleasant alternative. You can have a great winter holiday in Palandöken, where there are many accommodation options. If you are in Erzurum in the spring, spectacular fields on the plateau and foothills, especially in Palandöken offer a wide variety of floral structures and intact, immaculate nature. Erzurum is one of the alternatives to the question "Where is best nature trip in Turkey?” In Erzurum, where nature lovers will definitely enjoy, you can also taste regional meat menus. The meat dishes such as Erzurum cağ kebabı and mixed grill are delicious products of animal husbandry activities in the region. Those who want to visit the historical places in Erzurum may feel very lucky because most of the first Islamic works in Anatolia are in this city. The Medrese with Double Minaret, which is also mentioned in some Turkish folk songs, should definitely be seen. You can rent a car in Erzurum and enjoy your trip around the city in a much more pleasant way. You can reach the SUV or 4x4 model you are looking for on the You can book the most affordable rental car option in Erzurum before leaving your city yet, you can travel around Erzurum in a top model car.

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