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City Centre Erzincan has a very special place among Eastern cities. Because of lack of a very intensive tourism promotion program, this city has not received the attention that it deserves but the city attracts attention with its different cultural heritage and natural formations worth seeing. Erzincan Girlevik Waterfall is very valuable natural spring water.

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This pure water, which is also suitable for drinking, offers so beautiful and clean nature around it that the real nature lovers flock to this area, especially in the spring. There are a lot of canyons and steep slopes in Erzincan. Canyons are perfect for nature lovers and hikers. Erzincan Kemaliye Karanlık Canyon is an exquisite area where you can see in the spring. There is a very enjoyable ski resort that has not been popular enough yet on the Erzincan Ergan Mountain. If you go to Erzincan in the winter, you can visit this ski resort and have good time skiing. In Erzincan you can go to Ergan Shopping Center where you can find almost everything you are looking for. At Ergan Shopping Center you can find many local and foreign stores and restaurant chains. You may need a car during your trip to Erzincan. Public transportation in the city is not very developed. For this reason you can rent a car in Erzincan to enjoy all around the city. You can use to quickly find affordable rental car options and rent a car in a comfortable way in Erzincan. You can easily get a price comparison on the system to rent a 4x4 car to go on nature trips or visit ski resorts in Erzincan.