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Elazig Rent a Car

You can rent a car in Elazığ, the third largest city of Eastern Anatolia, and you can travel around the city and its villages and discover a new and different life.

elazığ rent a car

There are many things to see in Elazığ, the hometown of swarthy lads, gakgoş (it means brothers in local language), friendly and hospitable people. You can have a pleasant time visiting the architecture, crafts museums and historic home archeology museums of the city's unique cultural heritage. Elazığ, dating back to 20 BC, was chosen as a settlement by many civilizations because it is a protected area among steep rocks. Assyrian, Christian and Muslim population live together in Elazığ, which attracts considerable attention due to the ethnic diversity it has. Many tombs may attract your attention when you visit Elazığ. Beşikli Baba Tomb, Üryan Baba Tomb, Nadir Baba Tomb, Mansur Baba Tomb and Beyzade Efendi Tomb are some of these. There are also open spaces and parks in the city where you can have a good time. Üç Lüleli Fountain and Harput Castle are among the places that should be visited. Accommodation options are also quite comfortable and varied in the city. You can rent a car in the center of Elazığ to enjoy your trip in Elazığ. You can prefer yolcu360.com to find the most affordable rental car option in Elazığ or to find which rent a car office has the car model you are looking for, for the best price.