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Diyarbakır Rent a Car

City Center Diyarbakır, as one of the oldest settlements in the world, can be an excellent choice for exploring both the history and life. Every year the history of Diyarbakır has been enlightened with new archeological excavations.

Diyarbakir rent a car

Since Diyarbakır is located at the intersection point of the Middle East, Anatolia, Arab, Armenian, Russian and Mediterranean culture, it offers a cultural diversity together with rich cuisine and history. Whether you visit Diyarbakır for business purposes, family visit or sightseeing, it absolutely recommended visiting the structures as Diyarbakır Ulu Camii (The Great Mosque), Diyarbakır walls, Hasan Pasha Hani. If you are visiting Diyarbakır in summer, you should definitely taste watermelon, very famous in the region. You can visit Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Museum and Ziya Gökalp Museums, both are famous authors, and you may visit Malabadi Bridge, which inspired the songs. You can rent a car from Diyarbakir center in order to enjoy the sightseeing in Diyarbakır and to visit the surrounding cities like Mardin and Kayseri.

Diyarbakır Rent A Car

You can also make a reservation before starting your journey for renting a car from Diyarbakır center, where most of the strong, reliable car rental brands that are operating in the country, are located. By using system, you can compare the rent-a-car prices for Diyarbakır’s city center and easily find the most affordable option. With a module, which compares the prices of different car rental companies within seconds, enables you to reach the most affordable price option for the car brand or the car model you are looking for in Diyarbakır.