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Çanakkale Araç Kiralama

Çanakkale, with its deep and unique history, which has hosted many important events in our country and world history, hosts many visitors who come to the city with Çanakkale Airport car rental alternatives or car rental service from the starting point of journey at any time of the year.

Çanakkale Araç Kiralama

Turkey's position as the most generous to the west bears the traces of the Mediterranean climate. Çanakkale, seen as the meeting point of civilizations, is 323 km away from İstanbul, another cradle of civilization. You can reach Çanakkale in 4.5 hours with your car or car rental in İstanbul. Another option is to tour the city from Çanakkale Airport by renting a car in Çanakkale Airport after a journey of approximately 45 minutes by plane and to provide long-distance transportation to the center without any time limit. If you want to make a comfortable city trip by creating a more free travel plan, you can get a car rental service at the system, you can list many options with one click and compare affordable rental agents to you.

Where to Stay in Çanakkale?

When you want to stay in the center of Çanakkale, you can stay in 4-5 star hotels like Kolin Hotel, Büyük Truva and Akol Hotel, or if you want to get away from the center, dive into the ancient spirit of the districts and wake up in stone houses, you can rent a car in Çanakkale by using small but clean and economical vehicles. In terms of service, you can get good quality affordable boutique hotels. You can reach the Grand Assos Hotel away from Çanakkale city center with 100 km by car rental service, Ida Costa Hotel is 5 km away from the Temple of Athena, 50 km away from the center with the economic vehicles Gelibolu Taş Konak Hotel or you can stay Dove Hotel Resort & Spa with your pet at no additional cost only is just a few of your options.

What to Eat in Çanakkale?

Since Çanakkale is a province of our beautiful Aegean, which carries the Mediterranean breezes, it is very natural that it is living and experiencing the olive oil culture passing through the genes. Without ignoring the share of organic olives grown in Küçükkuyu, we list the famous Çanakkale dishes as follows.

  • Ovmaç Soup

For a delicious Tumbi meal, which you might think of meatballs at first but contain vegetables such as eggplant tomatoes, you may want to explore the delicious restaurants with your car by rent a car in Çanakkale where you can get service online with

  • Melki

The number of dishes that can be made with Melki is quite high, which is a special type of mushroom that grows especially in the North Aegean. With eggs, special Melki roast, soup, grill... You're hungry, aren't you? Of course, we don't blame you for this beautiful food. To taste the Melki of Çanakkale, you can jump on your car, which you can find at affordable prices from the rent a car service of You just need a bag.

The other flavors of Çanakkale which must be tried;

  • Spinach Çırpma
  • Cowpea Meatballs
  • Ispanak Sarması with olive oil
  • Yumurtalı Tiken
  • Tarhanalı Eggplant
  • Metez
  • Flavors of Gökçeada

You can turn your route to Gökçeada by taking advantage of the rent a car service of where you can compare the rent a car companies in Çanakkale for the delicious tastes of the islands, delicious Capricorn dishes, octopus grill, and even give a chance to delicious restaurants of Zeytinköy. Do not forget to leave Gökçeada without visiting the olive groves where famous and delicious olives are grown in Çanakkale. For the fastest route change and convenient transportation you can easily search for affordable cars before you arrive at the airport with the Çanakkale Airport car rental option, and book your car on the system and get to Gökçeada without any problem with your rental car.

  • Flavors of Gallipoli and Lapseki

There is plenty of olive oil and olive groves and also the sea and the Bosphorus city of Çanakkale is not to remember the richness of fish. Marine anchovies, Lacerda, Salted Sardines, and Mussels stuffed in industrial production in Çanakkale, which has a large variety of fish due to currents and migrations in opposite directions, have an important place in Çanakkale cuisine culture. For those who want to go to Gallipoli and Lapseki, who export their mussels to the world; You can use fast ferries on arrival with your car from İstanbul or affordable rental car that you get to rent a car in İstanbul.

Places to Visit and See in Çanakkale

  • World War I Monuments and Tombs

Çanakkale was one of the most important fronts of World War I and was one of the places that both domestic and foreign tourists wanted to visit frequently. Martyrs' Monument, Corporal Seyit Monument, Conkbayiri and Anafartalar Monuments, Anzac Memorial Cemetery, 57th Regiment Cemetery and Kilitbahir, one of the important places of war in the Gallipoli peninsula, are valuable and highly spiritual places for local and foreign tourists. For easy and cost-effective transportation options, you can benefit from Çanakkale airport car rental and Çanakkale car rental services.

  • Assos

Well, Assos, where Aristotle lived and married for three years... Although the real name is Behramkale Village, the locals and tourists call this place Assos, so it is known in our country. You can reach the ancient city, which is approximately 100 km from Canakkale city center, from Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport, which is 60km away, and from Canakkale Airport, which is 90 km away, from the city centers by minibus or bus. It is possible to get there by rent a car in Çanakkale airport, rent a car in Balıkesir or rent a car in Çanakkale city center.

  • Assos Ancient City

Assos Ancient City with traces of Hellenistic period; Located on the southern slope of the Temple of Athena, Ancient Theater, Ancient Harbor, as well as the historical beauty, in the bays to enjoy the sea, sand and sun to touch the spirit of Assos...

  • Troya Ancient City

Speaking of the Hellenistic period, not to mention the love of Helen from Troy and her lover Paris and the traces of the war they caused. If you want to see the famous Trojan Horse, which determines the outcome of the war and is still mentioned in the strategy games, do not leave Çanakkale without stopping at the ancient city of Troy 30 km away from the city center. Biga believed to be named after Pegasus, the horse of Hercules, another hero of ancient Greek mythology, also deserves to be frequented by mythology enthusiasts with the ancient city of Priapos and its historic harbor. The address where Alexander the Great met with the Persians was again the Biga of Çanakkale. Moreover, there is a belief that Hercules is still walking around; If you do not want to exceed 94 km by bus when you come to Çanakkale, we recommend that you check out there by your car or take a car rental service from the affordable rent a car options through the easy way thanks to

  • Küçükkuyu

When we talk about Çanakkale, Greek mythology and leading roles do not come to an end. This time we are referring to Aphrodite, which we often refer to as a measure of beauty. Aphrodite, caught in leprosy at the time, was expelled from the presence of Zeus and healed in the Küçükkuyu healing waters in the Kaz Mountains, which healed at 42 degrees to regain its former beauty. Küçükkuyu is a small tourist town where you can reach by minibus from Balıkesir Edremit, is 20 km from Assos and 94 km from Çanakkale city center where you can get to your rental car by rent a car in Çanakkale. If you have come to Assos, you can add the list and visit the Aphrodite Spas, Zeus Altar, and Kadırga Bay.

  • Gökçeada

The two largest islands of our country are also located within the borders of Çanakkale province. With unspoiled textures and beaches offering visual feast, Poseidon's island Gökçeada is waiting for its guests who want to pursue peace with those who choose solitude and silence in the crowds. To rent a cheap car rental in Çanakkale Airport we recommend you to visit our site without going to learn the car rental prices.

  • Bozcaada

If you are a festival enthusiast and if you come to Bozcaada like October or November, you may have the chance to see Bozcaada International Ecological Documentary Film Festival. Even if you tell me it is too late in October and November and I should go before the end of summer, you can visit Bozcaada Bağ Bozumu Festival in the first week of September for 3 days. You can get to Geyikli Ferry Port from Çanakkale city center or airport and use ferry services that take place on certain days of the week. You can go to Bozcaada by car-ferry with rent a car in Çanakkale Airport or rent a car in Çanakkale with the agency that you find on without any problem.

Car Rental Options in Çanakkale

If you don't have a personal vehicle, you can get the most suitable car rental service by selecting the agency, segment and price range with's system that allows you to classify according to your criteria for comfortable, timeless and more affordable transportation. If you prefer to start your tour by wanting to rent a car in Çanakkale Airport or for those who prefer to come from Istanbul by car, you can reach the opportunities of at the beginning of your journey by using Istanbul car rental service and you can find the most suitable option among many rent a car companies. Before you visit Küçükkuyu, you can go to Balıkesir via Edremit while you are in Çanakkale and do an Ayvalık tour, makes it possible for you to rent a car in Balıkesir Ayvalık.

One of Turkey's most beautiful city of Çanakkale is quite diverse in Çanakkale Airport car rental options. You can make luxury car rental or chauffeur-driven car rental from dozens of Çanakkale rent a car company registered on the Yolcu360 system, and you can benefit from fleet leasing services if you are in Çanakkale for larger organizations. You don't have to pay high fees to make your trip more comfortable; You can rent a car in Çanakkale by taking advantage of the with the cheapest car rental opportunity. You can make your journey from Çanakkale Airport an enjoyable process with the economical car by taking advantage of car rental service at affordable rental prices.

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