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Burdur Araç Kiralama

Burdur, locates between Antalya and Isparta, is the perfect destination for your holiday. Although it is visited for both nature and history tourism, it has not been as influenced by tourists as cities like Antalya and İzmir. For this reason, it is possible to enjoy both calmness and affordable accommodation and food and drink by renting a car in the city. So, what is Burdur famous with, what to eat in Burdur?

burdur araç kiralama

Places to Visit in Burdur

Burdur stands out with its proximity to both historical and touristic places such as Antalya, İzmir, and Muğla. Burdur is home to many tourists every year with its historic and touristic sites. Burdur, the beautiful city of the Mediterranean, what we say is less. So you can use Burdur rent a car to get a route to Burdur. You can look at Burdur center car rental options by using the Yolcu360 application in Burdur which has a beautiful and historic area from each other and you can easily rent a car in Burdur. If you are going to come by air after you have searched the places to visit in Burdur, you can take advantage of the car rental in Alanya Gazipaşa Airport and get to Burdur city center in a short time. With its historical and natural beauties, Burdur can be explored in 360 degrees by car rental. You can list Burdur rent a car companies on Yolcu360 for price comparison and explore Burdur cuisine with local tastes and you can start your trip by renting a car in Burdur in a short time.

  • Kibera Ancient City

Located on the intersection of Lycia, Pisidia, Phrygia and Caria regions, the ancient city, also known as the city of fast horses, was established at the very center of the trade routes. Brief information on the ancient city of Kibera, hero warriors were raised in the ancient city of that period. The ancient city has a 12,000-seat stadium where gladiators fight. Kibera, which is among the ancient cities you should see in the Aegean, has agora, bath, basilica, and theater. But the most interesting feature of the city is the Kibyra Medusa mosaic work. If you want to go to Burdur via airline for the places to visit in Burdur, the nearest airport is Isparta Airport. You can benefit from Isparta Airport car rental services or Burdur central car rental service, making it easy to get around Burdur. You can explore this ancient city with different rent a car alternatives in Burdur. Kibera Ancient Town entrance fee: free of charge. Where is Kibera Ancient City? The answer to the question is Horzum, Gölhisar / Burdur.

  • Sagalassos Ancient City

Sagalassos still stands out with its flowing fountains and marbles. When you tour the ancient city of Sagalassos, the first thing that draws your attention is that it carries traces of the city's Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine architecture. For a trip to the ancient city of Sagalassos, we would like to draw attention to the city's theater. The theater is the world's highest theater. The Antonine Fountain is a flowing fountain for 2,000 years. Busts of Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and Hercules, library, parliament building, and residences are among the places to visit in the ancient city. If you are leaving from Antalya for sightseeing in Burdur, you can arrive from Antalya by car rental in 1.30 hours. You can examine different rent a car companies in Burdur on Yolcu360 and have a look at Burdur city center car rental options. What is the distance between Sagalassos Ancient City and Salda Lake? The distance between the two places is 115.6 kilometers and they are one hour and 49 minutes apart. Where is Sagalassos Ancient City? Kıraç, Ağlasun / Burdur.

  • Karataş Lake

Karataş Lake, also known as the bird paradise of the Mediterranean Sea, is a prominent place in terms of its features. The lake is known as bird paradise because it hosts various bird species such as pochard, white-fronted goose, and gadwall. Karataş Lake, which is a freshwater lake, has a wonderful view. Those who want to visit the lake, which is among the places to visit in Burdur, can take a look at Denizli car rental opportunities and provide comfortable transportation to Burdur. Those who will go to the lake through Burdur, Burdur rent a car by looking at the firms that can reach here by making a car rental from the center of Burdur. Where is Alanya Gazipaşa Karataş Lake? Karataş Lake is located on Burdur Karamanlı road in front of Karataş Hill and Kağılcık Mountains. If you are coming over Alanya, you can use Alanya Gazipaşa Airport car rental alternatives.

  • Salda Lake

The turquoise water and white sands of the lake are truly charming. Salda Lake, which is one of the places visited by local and foreign tourists, fascinates people. When you come to Burdur, we strongly recommend that you add the Salda tour to your list of Burdur attractions. If you want to get information about Salda Lake, the lake has a depth of 184 meters. Salda Lake campsites are also nearby. Starting your day with this unique landscape by setting up a camp will be a real motivation for you. Salda Lake is perhaps the most beautiful place in Burdur. Salda Gölü is located in the Yeşilova district of Burdur. You can reach Yeşilova by renting a car in Burdur city center.

  • Burdur Museum

The Burdur Museum consists of three separate sections. On the ground floor of the museum, priceless statues brought from Sagalassos Ancient City welcome you. The statues of Emperor Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius are the stars of the museum. The statues of gods and goddesses along with the emperors and empresses are extremely impressive. After the exhibition hall, you can see the friezes and statues obtained from the excavations of the ancient city of Kibyra and Kremna. All of them are so impressive that it feels like you are in a museum in Rome. Burdur Archeology Museum entrance fee is 6 TL. If you have a Museum Card, you can visit it free of charge. You can visit the museum every day of the week between April 15th and October 1st between 9.00-19.00 and between October 2nd and April 14th between 08.30-17.30. You can rent a car in Burdur in a short time by selecting your ideal car from the price listed on Yolcu360. How to get to Burdur? / Transportation to Burdur.

What to Eat in Burdur?

Burdur local dishes include Burdur Shish, Zucchini Halva, Testi Kebab, Walnut Halva, Burdur Custard and Rice Soup. You can explore the city's flavor stops by renting a car in Burdur. For a daily tour of Burdur, Burdur rent a car company will respond to your car rental needs.

The best restaurants in Burdur:

  • Burdur Şişçi Hasan
  • Burdur Toros Lokantası
  • Altay Pide
  • Kahyaoğlu Et Lokantası
  • Burdur Özsarı Kebap Salonu

How to get to Burdur?

  • What is the distance from Denizli to Burdur? The distance between the two cities is 140 kilometers and you can reach the city within 1 hour and 57 minutes by taking advantage of Denizli Airport car rental options.
  • What is the distance from İzmir to Burdur? The distance between İzmir and Burdur is 367.2 kilometers. You can reach Burdur within 4 hours and 44 minutes by looking at İzmir car rental options.
  • What is the distance from İstanbul to Burdur? The distance between İstanbul and Burdur is 572.4 kilometers. You can go sightseeing by taking advantage of İstanbul car rental options. This way you can explore both Burdur and other cities along the way.

Car Rental in Burdur

Having your car when going to the Burdur holiday will provide an important convenience. Because you can see both the city and the nearby villages and you can make day trips to see nearby cities such as Antalya, Isparta, and Niğde. If you do not have a car or if you came to the region by air or bus, you can rent a car from the center of Burdur. For Burdur car rental options, you can quickly compare prices on yolcu360.com so that you can easily find the most affordable rental car option in the city. Let's come to Burdur’s attractions... When making a list of places to visit in Burdur, the city is a very important center in terms of history and is home to about 50 different ruins that should be added. Therefore, Burdur is a very accurate location for children to learn about history and to make a history trip. Sagalassos Ancient City and Kbyra Ancient City are two important excavation sites that attract tourists from all over the world. The clock tower and Taşoda Mansion in the city center are important works of the Ottoman period. İncir Han is one of the most important works of Anatolian Seljuk architecture. Salda Lake and Burdur Lake are a corner of heaven. You can camp, relax or try accommodation options around these two lakes, which are quiet, clean and pleasant. There is also a beach around Burdur Lake. You can rent a car in Burdur with different rental conditions and different brand model vehicles from each other by comparing it on Yolcu360 as soon as possible. While Burdur offers many options at the car rental point, Alanya Gazipaşa Airport car rental options can also be evaluated.

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