Burdur Bucak Rent a Car

Bucak Burdur Rent a Car

Bucak, the largest district of Burdur, is one of the districts that become prominent with its historical and natural beauties. Bucak district hosted many civilizations including Pisidia, Persia, Macedonia, Selefkos, Roma, Byzantine and Ottoman throughout the history. Hence it is very rich in terms of historical heritage. Since there is no civil airport in Burdur, you can reach Bucak district in 1 hours and 15 minutes by renting a car from Antalya Airport.

Rent a Car in Bucak Burdur

You may choose Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport rent-a-car options as well. It takes about 1 hour from Isparta to arrive Bucak. Located in a large, plain area, not enough lush area exists in the city center. However, this deficiency was compensated by the green fields and forests that surround the area. The continuous development of the district is remarkable although it has a calm appearance. If you ask the delicacies of Bucak, we may say that the number of cafes and restaurants in the district has increased considerably over the past few years. There are also many businesses that offer many options including pies or mixed breakfast. About sightseeing locations in Bucak, there are a lot of historical and natural sightseeing attractions. The first thing you need to do in Bucak is to visit the Mound and antique cities. Tepecik, Höyücek and Çingene mounds located in the district center and Yuva, Uğurlu, Karaaliler, Şerefönü and Bozburun mounds in the villages expose the examples of prehistoric ages. If you are looking for a place in the history, you can also visit the ancient cities of Keraitae, Kremna, Sia, and Komama. Located at the edge of the Karacaören dam, the Kargı Canyon is spread over a 2-kilometer area and is noted among the world's few canyons that have a rich flora in terms of plants. Kargı Canyon is a protected area, so it is helpful to know there are not many social activities there. If you have an intention to have a picnic, the place you will go in Bucak is certainly the City Forest. There are restaurants, cafes, hiking and bicycle trails, pergolas and picnic areas within the 125-hectare forest area. Against the view of Onaç Dam, it is arranged as a place where you can breathe surrounded by the Calabrian pines and stone pines and enjoy. Accommodation options are also rich in Bucak, which is growing and developing. Particularly the number of cute family boarding houses is increasing. If you ask what is famous in Bucak, the answer is certainly "salep". You can experience the best examples of salep drink and ice cream in Bucak with salep. Fulfilling 70% of the salep market, this district is known as the capital of the salep.

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