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Toulouse Blagnac Airport France Rent a Car

There are endless possibilities for thrill seekers, shopping lovers, history and culture lovers, beach goers, quiet seekers and normal holidaymakers, however there aren’t many places to go for technology enthusiasts, are there? So, what if someone who loves sciences, technology and engineering wants to make a holiday according to their points of interest? Here is the perfect option: Toulouse. Yolcu360 even has a solution for your rent car Toulouse problem, by comparing prices you get a high quality car from Toulouse Airport by Yolcu360 if you make a reservation for car rental Toulouse service. Its advantages? It’s cheap. It’s high-class. It’s the best.

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Are you looking for a car rental Toulouse service? You should have a look at the car rental Toulouse concept of Yolcu360 from Toulouse Airport. This concept provides you the chance to choose your ideal car according to the features you want and take it from Toulouse Airport as soon as you have arrived in the city. The pink city of Toulouse is ideal for vacationers who prefer a cultural holiday instead of a beach holiday.

Toulouse is History

Toulouse, or Tolosa which was its first name, was always a strategic point because of its location by the Garonne River that is in the middle of the trade route of the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. At first it was used as a military station by the Romans, later it became a Roman city. However in the 5th century it fell under Visigoth rule and became there one of the most important cities and even the capital for some time. But then again Toulouse changed hands and became part of the Franks. Due to its importance, Toulouse was once again capital of the Frank kingdom. The city witnessed many important wars in history like the Battle of Toulouse or Battle of Poitiers. 1229 it finally became part of the Kingdom of France with the Treaty of Paris. After that a bright future began for the city as it became a centre for art and culture when it was a royal city.

Toulouse wasn’t part of the French Kingdom until 1229. It often fell under different rules and accumulated by this way a great pool of wisdom, culture, art and history. It was the centre for art and literature for a long time till a series of unfortunate events stroke the city. Crusaders attacked the Jews of the city, the Black Death spread between the people and the Hundred Years’ War broke out bringing famine and impoverishment with itself. A great part of its population was lost leaving just around 19.000 people in the whole city. Fortunately the city prospered in the 15th century thanks to its trade, merchants became rich and contributed to the city in terms of buildings, architecture, art and well-being. In the 16th century the city was once again plagued with negative events like the conflict between the Catholics and Calvinists which seriously harmed the city. But finally, in the 18th century the city became steadier and prospered while modernizing at the same time.

Information About Toulouse City

The fourth largest city of France, Toulouse, is also one of the most industrialized cities. Every year it receives a great number of immigrants especially from northern France and students as one of the biggest and oldest universities of France is that of Toulouse. This amazing city is even the center of the aerospace industry of whole Europe. Therefore many companies like Airbus, Thales Alenia Space, Intel, ATR, SAFRAN, Liebherr Aerospace and SPOT Satellite System have here their headquarters. One can say that it is the most dynamic and hectic city of France but at the same time it is also one of the slowest as it is located by the Garonne River and its people quiet relaxed. You can find both the fast life of busy people and the slow one of people sitting peacefully along the river, chatting, eating, and drinking in a tranquil atmosphere. Whether you are a quiet or thrill seeker, this city will be your soul mate. Toulouse is a city where one can relax and get rid of all ones stress as has all the features needed to be perfect. It is a vibrant city along the Garonne River, with a big cultural and artistic heritage as it was no victim of bombings during the war. Thus, especially the architectural richness of the city is alone sufficient for amazement. The reddish-pinkish terracotta buildings are all intact. One possibility of observing them in an amusing way is a boat tour on the Garonne River, some of these boat tours also go in direction of the Mediterranean of the Atlantic. Another possibility which is equally nice is to explore the city on foot by taking a walk along the river or in the city center. And if you want to get more vibrant in the evening, go to one of the many parties that are taking place in Toulouse thanks to its high population of university students.
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What to do in Toulouse

The stunning city of Toulouse is warm both in terms of climate and its pink colored buildings. This historical and magnificent city which has not just an artistic aspect but also industrial, offers different attractions for people with different likings. If you love technology then this is the city to go – here you can find many internationally renowned companies which you can even visit with a little luck like Airbus, the Toulouse Space Center, Intel etc. For the ones who came to have a peaceful and tranquil holiday, this city has the advantage of the beautiful Garonne River which flows through the city with many green areas around it to have an excellent time. Grab a bottle of French wine, some fresh Viennoiseries and Macarons and make a picnic by the Garonne River under the mild sun of south France. And in the evening, dine at one of the excellent restaurants offering dishes of traditional south France cuisine like Duck, Saucisse de Toulouse and Cassoulet. The warm sun of South France is waiting, so make a reservation from Yolcu360’s rent a car Toulouse service and get your car by comparing features and prices. And in case of any problems don’t hesitate to call the experienced customers service of Yolcu360 for help. Get ready for a memorable Toulouse experience with your rental car. Are you planning on visiting the famous La Ville Rose? The terracotta city of Toulouse is definitely worth a visit. So, in case you need a car, try the rent a car Toulouse from Toulouse Airport service of Yolcu360. Together with your ideal rental car, you will have an amusing time in Toulouse as soon as you get off Toulouse Airport. Briefly stated – don’t miss Yolcu360’s rent a car Toulouse from Toulouse Airport service.

Places to Visit in Toulouse

The 2000 year history of this city has given it a multicultural atmosphere. It is the perfect place to get drown in culture, art, architecture and history. For the ones appreciating the fine arts, there are many things to see. The Capitole, for example, is an excellent piece of architecture dating back to the 18th century with majestic frescoes, flamboyant marble staircases and its square directly in front of it. If you want to enjoy some art, go to the Hotel d’Assezat, where many important European art masterpieces are available especially from the 19th century. Alone its rose-red brick architecture is worth seeing but it also includes the works of artists like Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, Brueghel etc. Did you also know that the largest Romanesque style church is found in Toulouse too? Yes, the Saint Sernin Basilica is exclusive in its greatness; you will be marveled at its look. Sun+ terracotta buildings + French wine = Toulouse. If you are looking for such a combination to apply for your annual vacation, the city of South France Toulouse is a good choice. And your rental car need will be supplied by Yolcu360 and its car rental Toulouse France service from Toulouse Airport. The high-class car renting company Yolcu360 gives you the advantage of seeing all kinds of cars for various prices just on one website. Therefore you can easily compare them and find the one that is most appropriate for your car rental Toulouse France concept. This southern city of France is not only beautiful due to its rich cultural heritage, but it is also the most industrialized city of France. Many international corporations, especially the once in the aerospace industry have settled their headquarters on this city. The first one that comes to mind is Airbus. With its 60 minute tours available either in English or French, it gives you a comprehensive understanding of the company. That means, if you want to take part in one of these tours you have to be sure to make a reservation well-ahead of your arrival at Toulouse Airport. Apart from the Airbus visit, it is also possible to make a visit to the space city of Toulouse, Cité de l’espace, which is also about aviation. This place is not like a boring, old style museum, but rather an interactive museum and has even a planetarium.
If you also want to benefit from the artistic atmosphere of Toulouse, get the car rental Toulouse France service of Yolcu360 from Toulouse Airport. Once you get to the Toulouse Airport and see your car, you will be amazed of the perfect service of the professional and experienced Yolcu360 team.

Valuable Architectural of Toulouse

A cheap car hire Toulouse Airport service isn’t hard to find. The best and the cheapest solution is even the same: Yolcu360. Yolcu360 has a cheap car hire Toulouse Airport service from which you can pick your car up at Toulouse Airport after having made a reservation. Together with your rental car it will be a great joy to explore this magnificent city. And Toulouse Airport is even near to the city center, in other words, you won’t waste any time.

Get to know the stunning architecture and past of Toulouse. Start by having a look at the great Romanesque church Saint - Sernin Basilica , which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another must visit church is Daurade Basilica, which dates back to the 18th and 19th century and was made initially for the purpose of worshipping the Roman god of Apollo. Next, go to the Couvent des Jacobins which is a cloister containing great pictures and relics or Les Augustins which was once a monastery church and was later made turned into a museum after France was secularized. Now it is a center for primarily modern art. For a museum visit go to the Georges Labit Museum which contains art and works of mostly Asia and Egypt. Apart from all the historical aspects there are also many modern ones and vibrant attractions. For some modern museum tours, try the Les Abattoirs containing contemporary art or go to the Toulouse Museum which is equally interesting containing sciences. Toulouse is one of the largest metropolitan cities of France, that’s why it’s really animated, has a big population and several internationally renowned companies’ headquarters. It’s the European capital of aviation. It is also the place where one of the oldest universities of Europe was established. The University of Toulouse was really established in the year 1229 which is a stunning date. Since this university has so deep roots and it has also one of the biggest university campuses of France together with Lille and Paris, it houses a great number of students which give the city a more vibrant and hectic atmosphere. The coral colored buildings and the well preserved architecture is just the cherry on the top. Since it wasn’t much affected by the World War, many of its historical buildings are still intact; walking in the old city is therefore a must for everyone who appreciates architecture. Go to the capitol, walk along the Canal du Midi, make a boat tour on the Garonne River and enjoy the delicious southern France cuisine.

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Rental Cars in Toulouse Train Station

If you are planning make a road trip through the south of France, you should not miss Toulouse under any circumstances. This wonderful city with its coral colored terracotta bricks, will make you feel like being in a fairytale. For this road trip you need a car rental Toulouse train station service. That’s why you should have a look at the car rental Toulouse train station service of Yolcu360 which enables you also to pick the car up from Toulouse Airport.

Toulouse Airport is just about 11 kilometers from the downtown, so one really doesn’t waste any time and can get directly into exploring the city and make some sightseeing. After having visited the Capitol, the Hotel d’Assézat, made a boat tour on the Garonne and walked along Canal du midi, it is advisable to make a short road trip to a unique place that is without equal: Carcassonne. Most people recognize this medieval town by its fortress as it is quite scenic and photographic. Around the fortress the people have constructed a small town with many stone buildings in medieval times and this place which is lower than the fortress is called ville basse (lower city), here is where the folk lived. The historic fortress is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is ideal for a daily trip especially for someone coming from Toulouse. It is also said that this fortress was an inspiration for Walt Disney for one of the castles in the Disney movies.

Book your car rental Toulouse train station service now on and get your car either from Toulouse Airport or from the train station in the city center. Renting a car has never been so easy!

Car Rental in Toulouse

Book the car rental Toulouse concept from Toulouse Airport now on the website of Yolcu360 and don’t waste any time. Let there be no obstacle between you and your dream car for your perfect Toulouse vacation this year. Yolcu360 – renting a car has never been so easy! Get ready for a memorable Toulouse experience with your car.

Are you indecisive of a holiday at the Mediterranean or the Atlantic? Why not both! The southern French city of Toulouse is located in the middle of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. If you rent a car then you can see both of them as Toulouse Airport is at a perfect location. Yolcu360 and its car hire Toulouse Airport concept will be ideal for you plan as it starts off directly from Toulouse Airport. So why wait when you can make a reservation for the car hire Toulouse Airport concept at this moment?

To witness the past of this magnificent city yourself, start to plan your Toulouse trip by getting the car hire Toulouse Airport service which gives you the advantage of taking your car from Toulouse Airport. Still haven’t found your ideal car, even though you have looked at several websites? Then you are searching in the wrong place because the best car hire Toulouse Airport service is that of Yolcu360. It is cheap and it is of high quality. You don’t have to worry about any extra charges or commissions just go on planning your Toulouse vacation and what you will do after you land at Toulouse Airport. The pink city of France will offer you an exclusive vacation.

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