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Manavgat Antalya

One of the most beautiful districts of Antalya in terms of natural beauty and historical sites, Manavgat is a must-see. You should not miss this magnificent gift of nature and history. You should definitely visit Manavgat one day, which offers you the best of places where you can have a great time with your family. How to travel to Manavgat? First, you can rent a car at Antalya Airport. Then you can drive through the D400 highway. After a 55 minute drive eastwards, you will reach Manavgat.

Rent a Car in Manavgat Antalya

Rent a Car in Manavgat Antalya

The distance might sound a bit long, but since it is a straight and quiet road, you will have an enjoyable journey to Manavgat. In quest of the Ancient Cities in Manavgat ... There are many ancient cities you can see in Manavgat and its vicinity, inhabited since the Palaeolithic age. Side antique city which hosted important civilizations of history such as Lydia, Rome, Greek, and Byzantine is one of the first places you must visit. With its well-preserved houses, featured city gates, baths and Apollo Temple, it is so magnificent that it will take you on a fantastic history journey. You can also visit Seleykia (Etenna) Ancient city, located in Sırtköy, far from the sea, and intertwined with nature. It is known as Dedekale among people. Obviously the reason why people call here Dedekale (granddad castle) is the walls surrounding the city within the green nature. There are many historic monuments such as memorial tombs, baths and churches in the ancient city of Seleykia. Side Anfi Theater, a historical place that draws attention with its architectural style, eye-catching sculptures and baroque details in its ornaments, must definitely be in your list of places to visit. The amphitheater, thought to have been built by the Romans, is one of the different structures in Anatolia with its interesting features. You should also visit Roman Aspendos and Oluk Bridges, Side Museum and Manavgat Kulliye Mosque, the second largest mosque of the Mediterranean. Places to Visit in Manavgat If you want to hug nature with your family, Manavgat has natural beauties where you can do this. The world-famous Manavgat Waterfall over the Manavgat River is one of these beauties. You can enjoy nature walks at the recreation areas around, as well as have meals with your family in front of a beautiful view in the surrounding restaurants. The Köprülü Canyon National Park, which houses the temples of Artemis and Zeus, is a good place if you are looking for some action. In the Köprülü Canyon you have a chance to raft in a hard and intense river. There are many accommodation options in the Park. It may be a nice holiday option with your family in touch with nature. The Boğaz beach, the meeting point of the sea and the river, Aslanlı Cave, Altınbeşik Cave, Alarahan, Köprüçay River, Mahrumçalı Cave, Ormana Village and Agora Bath are also other places you should visit in Manavgat.