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Konyaaltı Antalya

Konyaaltı is one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya. With its famous beach, which has the same name as the district, welcoming thousands of tourists every year, its proximity to the city centre and the development and growth that it has shown in the recent years, it has become a popular tourist destination. If you will ever travel to Antalya, we recommend you add Konyaaltı in your list of places to visit. How to travel to Konyaaltı? First of all, you can rent a car at Antalya Airport. Then, use the D400 highway after a 38 kilometers drive towards the west, you will reach Konyaaltı.

Rent a Car in Konyaaltı Antalya

Rent a Car in Konyaaltı Antalya

The journey will last about 40-45 minutes. The most important natural beauty of the region, which was until very recently called Koyaltı (under the bay) due to the fact that Antalya is situated on the cliffs and which was started to be called Konyaaltı by the local people over time, is Sivri Dağ, one of the highest peaks of Beydağları, and the national park known with the same name. With its incredibly beautiful nature, it will enthrall you at first sight. It is ideally suited for long nature hikes. If you are interested in such a hike, make sure to have plenty of food and drink with you, since there is no place in the national park where you can buy food or drinks. It will be only you and the nature! There are many areas where you can hike or cycle in the park. During these hikes, you can also discover some waterfalls. Rock climbing routes are also available in the park for those interested in climbing. There are areas where you can have a picnic with your family, and you can also try the trout restaurant on the Geyikbayırı side. Speaking of Geyikbayırı, we must also say that the Geyikbayırı Cave is an interesting natural beauty. It is a cave that has interesting mysteries with its length about 120m. Another cave in the region is the Konakaltı Cave. The length of the cave under the cliffs is 60m. The only entrance to the cave is by the sea. Places to Visit in Konyaaltı Although it deserves to be in the list of natural beauties, it would be more correct to take the Konyaaltı beach to the list of places to visit. With its length of 6 km, it's both Antalya's largest beach and nearest beach. Although it is not preferred by the families with children because there are partly pebbles on the beach, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists flock to here each year because of its natural beauty and cleanness of the sea. There are also plenty of accommodation alternatives. In addition, there are places where you can eat. The Antalya Museum in Konyaaltı is one of the places to visit. In the museum which has around 25000 artifacts that are not exhibited, more than 5000 historical artifacts and antiques are exhibited. Because of this feature, the museum is known as one of the richest museums of our country. When you are in Antalya, make sure that you visit Konyaaltı, which is quite close to Antalya.