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Antalya Aksu Rent a Car

Located just 18 km far from the city center of Antalya, Aksu combines historical and natural beauties. Located between the Aksu and Düden rivers, it offers a rich scenery appearance that combines several cultural elements with the advantage of the geographical position. The economy is based both on agriculture and tourism.

Hence, there are many greenhouses, fruit orchards or vegetable fields in Aksu. Since this is the location where fruits and fresh vegetables grow, Aksu offers very delicious breakfast and cuisine options. Located on the Mediterranean coast, Kundu region hosts millions of local and foreign tourists every year. Since it is 20 minutes away from Antalya Airport and it offers a good transportation network advantage by its location on the road D400, this district hosted "Antalya Expo2016", which was hosted for the first time in Turkey. The history of Aksu, which won the district status in 2008, goes back to 1200 years. Historical remains of Helen, Roman, and Byzantine periods are truly impressive. Top places to visit in Aksu You need to visit Aksu if you visit Antalya. If you are curious about the history of Alexander the Great, do not neglect to see the ancient city of Perge in Aksu before leaving Antalya. One of the most significant settlements of Anatolian cultural heritage, Perge Ancient City is located within Aksu borders. The city of Acropolis is considered to have been built towards the end of the Late Bronze Age. When Alexander the Great, one of the utmost prominent figures in the history, visited Perge in 333 BC, Perge started to develop and became one of the most beautiful, richest cities of the Hellenistic period. Almost intact sculptures and reliefs discovered in recent excavations give information about the city and reveal that the city had a prominent place in terms of artistic and commercial value. The amphitheater having 15,000 seats in the city and the stadium just opposite the theater, the Agora as the commercial and political center, the Road with Columns and the Hellenistic Gate and South Hammam are the places that would worth to visit. One of the must-see locations in Aksu is Kurşunlu Waterfall. Kurşunlu Waterfall and Nature Park, located at 22 km from the center of Antalya, is the most remarkable natural beauty of Aksu and is visited by both local and foreign tourists every year. It is a natural wonder, at the juncture of the main waterfall, flowing from a height of 18 m., and smaller waterfalls and 7 small ponds, in the nearly 2000-meter long canyon. Kurşunlu Waterfall was made into a natural park in 1986 and used as a Natural Park and picnic area since 1991. There are viewing platforms, pathways, children's playground, restaurant and parking lots. By benefiting from rent-a-car options in Antalya Airport, you may visit many popular sightseeing spots such as Perge Antique City and Kurşunlu Waterfall. Since Aksu offers plenty of hotels, you may stay a while, if you'd like to. You can compare prices quickly on for Aksu rental car options.