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Ankara Cubuk Rent a CarÇubuk is one of the most decent cities in Ankara. There are many places to visit in Çubuk, which is famous for its pickles. Due to the first dams of Turkey and the dam reservoirs formed by the waters they accumulated, there are many picnic areas in Çubuk. Çubuk is famous for its dams and pickles as well as its wine. The wine produced in Çubuk was once exported abroad and generated important revenue. Çubuk is 40 km from Ankara.

Rent a Car in Çubuk Ankara

In Çubuk, where you can reach through a smooth asphalt road, you can taste and buy pickle as souvenirs for your loved ones. Also, having breakfast and picnic is very enjoyable at the recreation areas in Çubuk during spring months. The villages of the district, named after the Seljuk commander Çubuk Bey, are also very beautiful. It is also interesting that the villages are named after the officers that fought in the Battle of Malazgirt that took place in the region. Karadana Village and Çubuk Dam are among the places to visit in Çubuk. The waterfall in Hacılar village and Meliksah Hamam are the touristic attractions visited by tourists every year. The answer to the question "What is Çubuk famous for?" is its pickle. There is even a festival held for the pickle in Çubuk. Çubuk is also famous for its pastrami and chicken meat. You can eat pickles, gözleme (pancake) or fried chicken in the district where there are many gözleme houses. You can rent a car at Ankara Esenboğa Airport and arrive after an approximately 45 km trip to Ankara's Çubuk district. You can compare prices of the car rental companies in Ankara and reach the most affordable solution within minutes on For the best price rental cars in Çubuk, will offer you the options with price comparison. So, thanks to, you can reach the results for the cheapest rental cars in Ankara, Çubuk in the fastest way possible.