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Make the best of your Biarritz holiday by renting a car under the car hire Biarritz airport concept of Yolcu360 and pick up your car at Biarritz airport. Biarritz, with its amazing location between France and Spain is a popular tourist destination especially for holidaymakers from Europe. The Biarritz airport is just immediate to the city center. The car hire Biarritz Airport service of Yolcu360 will render you definitely pleased.

biarritz airport rent a car

When you have landed at Biarritz Airport, gotten off the plane and taken your rental car, you are ready to go to the hotel to leave your baggage. Having checked in and having taken a five minutes break, you can finally go out to explore this magnificent city. Take a walk along the gorgeous coastline while watching the many surfers and swimmers, visit the Rock of the Virgin Mary, drive to the Spanish city San Sebastian which is just a 40 Kilometers drive away and taste the delicious Spanish cuisine, take part in the nightlife, spend time at the port and take in the breathtaking view. From the coast you can even see the Basque Mountains in Spain. You will find many things to do here and will never get bored.

Rental Cars in Biarritz Airport

Let Yolcu360 reduce your work, stress and costs. Just indicate the features you search for in a rental car and lay back while letting Yolcu360 do the rest. It will find your ideal car and prepare it for you to take from Biarritz Airport. With the help of Yolcu360 and its car hire Biarritz Airport you will spend a perfect time at the southwestern French elite tourist destination which caught on during the 19th century when Napoleon and Empress Eugenie made their holiday here.When you are going to spend your annual vacation in the classy but also relaxed tourist destination Biarritz, you will certainly need a rental car which you can take from Biarritz airport. In this case, you should have a look at the car rental Biarritz airport service of the outstanding company Yolcu360. This company provides you the best and cheapest prices that you can compare to find your ideal dream car.

Biarritz is History

Do you know the history of how Biarritz became a famous tourist hot spot? Biarritz was a forgotten place by the Atlantic coast until the Second World War. Once a typical fishing village, Biarritz transformed into a hot spot for the elite when Napoleon III chose this French gem as the new location for their summer house. He and his Spanish wife Eugenie de Montijo were the ones that made it famous and attracted thus many celebrities and royalties. Today the Belle époque charm of the city plus the relaxed beach atmosphere make many tourists flock to this place whether they are here for a chill surfing and swimming holiday or for a chic vacation. Take joy in the combination of scenic coastal view, salty air, and the artistic colorful beach huts. This trendy beach holiday destination with its historical and classical glamour will make you fall in love with it. And if you want to take a break from the sun, sea, beach combination, you can just hop on your rental car and visit the nearby Spanish town San Sebastian to taste some tapas and get in the atmosphere of Spain.The car rental Biarritz airport service will make your dreams come true and you will spend a high-class vacation in this city starting from Biarritz Airport. Reaching this goal is actually easy in that the only thing you have to do is to choose one of the many options Yolcu360 provides you under the car rental Biarritz Airport service and finish your reservation just to be ready to take your rental car from Biarritz Airport.

What to do in Biarritz?

If you love surfing then you have most probably heard of this stylish French Atlantic resort. Furthermore, this surfing concept has actually deep roots in Biarritz since it is said that it was here, that surfing was seen in Europe for the first time. In 1957 when the American film director Peter Viertel and his wife came to Biarritz to shoot a film, a Californian friend of his visited them. He using his surfboard, is seen as the first time that surfing was practiced in Europe. Later on this French haven for the elite became gradually a spot highly preferred by surfers and where surf competitions are held. If you love surfing or have always wanted to try it once you can easily find private lessons here or you can just lie under the sun watching the scenic view of other surfers.Reserve a rent a car Biarritz and be ready for this trendy beach resort which provides both class and relaxation at the same time by starting your journey from Biarritz Airport. In old times, taking a bath in the sea was seen as a foolish behavior, however, after the French Revolution when even Napoleon took a bath in the sea of Biarritz, it became popular. The town began to be fashionable and even Victor Hugo wrote about this situation and he feared that Biarritz would lose eventually its magic. With the palace built by the Empress Eugenie de Monjito, wife of Napoleon III, it became more renowned and gained a name under the royalties and class of elites. Many famou

Rental Cars in Biarritz

Find your ideal car for a car rental Biarritz Airport France service at Yolcu360. By using this service you will be able to choose every property of your car that you want and after that you will be able to take it from Biarritz Airport. Exploring this beautiful city by the Atlantic sea will be an experience that you have never tasted before. As soon as you land on Biarritz Airport you will feel the salt in the air, the perfect oceanic climate and the warm atmosphere. This timeless destination has so much to offer. During the day you can lay down under beautifully colorful striped parasols and in the evening you can end your day at the hilltop cafés of Biarritz. You will enjoy every moment you spend here and will find many attractions and activities to do. More and more restaurants offering specialties from the Basque cuisine open every day and offer a great variety of tastes. You can also visit Les Halles – at these stalls you can find many local wines, regional cheese, prosciutto, fresh seafood, olive oil, vinegar and much more. Discover the Rocher de la Vierge which is connected by a small bridge, walk along the beach, go to the fishing port to spend some romantic and peaceful time, visit the many churches...In a few words, wherever you go in Biarritz you will find something new to explore and spend during this time a quiet and relaxing vacation free of stressful thoughts. Your perfect vacation at this seaside town will start the moment you have taken your car from Biarritz Airport which you have rented under the service of Yolcu360’s car rental Biarritz Airport France concept. You can be assured that Yolcu360 does everything so that their customers will leave with a satisfied service – and your car rental Biarritz Airport France service will be alike.

Places in Biarritz

By comparing different car types and their prices you can find the best choice for your car hire in Biarritz France that you will receive at Biarritz Airport. After these small procedures you are ready to get some fresh air by the sea. The mixture of chic and shabby create beyond doubt a unique atmosphere. The main sights to visit in Biarritz are the Asiatica museum with a collection of asian art and history, the Museum of the Sea which is an aquarium with many different species, the annual surfing festival of Biarritz, the St.Martin’s church, the Russian Orthodox church, the Chapelle Imperiale, the Museum of Chocolate, the casinos, hotels and the famous beach named Grand Plage which is at the same time the biggest one. Swim in the therapeutic water of the Bay of Biscay and feel relaxed like never before while your body regenerates itself. Have an unforgettable holiday in this holiday destination of European royalty and the elite and feel like royalty yourself. The only thing you have to do for this holiday is to visit the website of Yolcu360 or the mobile app and choose a car hire in Biarritz France to be able to pick your car up from Biarritz Airport and spend a perfect holiday in between rocks, the sea, surfers, casinos, hotels, striking architecture, and fine wind breezes. And when you feel like something new, just get on your car and cross the border for Spain. Live Spain and France both at once in this special location.

Car Hire Biarritz Airport

Renting a car has never been so easy! With the car hire Biarritz Airport compare service of Yolcu360 you will receive your ideal car that you have chosen personally according to your taste by comparing the prices and finding the one that suits your budget the most. The car hire Biarritz Airport compare concept enables you to take your rental car immediately from Biarritz Airport. And after having picked up your rental car from Biarritz Airport you can go on a road tour along the Atlantic coast of this amazing little seaside town. It is fascinating that the reputation of this little town still holds its place strongly after Napoleon III and his wife Emress Eugenie de Monjito spend their summer time here at the 19th century. If you are interested in thalasso-therapy this is one of the best places to get a proper treatment as the Biarritz sea has many beneficial properties thanks to the seaweed species. You can also watch the many surfers as Biarritz is the surfing capital of Europe since the act of surfing has began in this region and many world championships are held here too. When you want a peaceful walk, then try definitely the route from the lighthouse of Biarritz to the city center – it is one the most beautiful and scenic walks of Europe by the sea. You will have the on one side and elegant, fancy villas and hotels on the other. Here, you will get rid of the stress that accumulated during the whole busy work year. Go now on the website or mobile App of Yolcu360 and rent you car choosing the car hire Biarritz Airport compare concept and start your seaside trip when you have picked up your car from the Biarritz Airport which is located just a few kilometers from the town.

Cheap Car Hire Biarritz

Thanks to the cheap car hire Biarritz concept of Yolcu360 you will witness the best holiday experience of your lifetime. The rules of the cheap car hire Biarritz service are easy: choose the type of your car, its brand, the rental dates and hours and indicate that you will pick your car up at Biarritz Airport – finish. Experience French and Spanish culture both at once since the Biarritz Airport is just about 20 kilometers from the Spanish border. Hop on your car and go where your heart takes you! This old whaling and fishing town is literally a gem waiting to be discovered. It has a perfect sandy beach, a scenic lighthouse, surfers as far as the eye can see, architecture of the Belle époque and a tasty cuisine mixing both Spanish tapas, seafood and French wine. Throw a look at the Musee Asiatica where you can find a private collection consisting of Asiatic art and history. Try surfing if you have never tried it before and let the waves drift you away. Go shopping at the Halles like the locals do and taste some of the fresh snacks. Visit also the church Sainte Eugenie and later the Museum of the sea where you can find many different species. Get amazed by the Hotel du Palais which Napoleon III let made for his wife Eugenie de Monjito who fell in love with this small fishing village by the Atlantic coast when she discovered it. The choices are endless and you will definitely have a great time here. Choose the cheap car hire Biarritz service from the Yolcu360 website or mobile app – and you are ready to take your car from Biarritz Airport to go either to San Sebastian which is a nearby Spanish city or to the Biarritz Grand Plage.

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