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Alicante is a small, colorful city and it has beautiful long beaches. Usually, when we said Spain, we think about Madrid or Barcelona but there is a lot of quiet, charming places in Spain like Alicante. It is a city located on the east coast of the country and this city has a historical side and it became one of the touristic places of Spain in the 1950's. Nowadays, Alicante is one of the most popular places for tourists and one of the other reason for that is; Alicante is the heart of sailing. The Volvo Ocean Race, one of the world's most important sailing races, is starting from here. In that time, they are building a huge village for the race activities and those activities last 10 days.

About Alicante

The easiest way to go to Alicante is to fly to Valencia, another port city located in the north of the city. From there you arrive in Alicante after a two to three-hour journey and when you arrive, you probably will want a car and that's the place you will think about car rental Alicante so you can trip in there comfortably. At that point, Yolcu360 will be ready to help you about car rental Alicante so Yolcu360 will be ready to give a car as you wanted. You can pick your car as you wish and decide the date and start your Alicante trip with a comfortable car. There is a lot of options like car rental Alicante. In Yolcu360 , you absolutely will find the features you want in the car that you will rent.

Besides, in Alicante , shopping and eating are really cheap and specially the foods are really delicious. Night life is pretty active. In the pubs of the narrow streets, you can spend very pleasant evenings. Car rental Alicante will make you save much more time for yourself to do those things so Yolcu360 is a good solution for that.

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