Aksaray Center Rent a Car

Aksaray Rent a Car

Aksaray is an impressive city that presents Central Anatolia climate, nature, food culture and social structure in a concentrated way. Since there are not too many factories, industrial buildings, and ongoing constructions, nature grants a special flora that is almost intact. You can visit Aksaray to observe and take pictures of special plant species that have survived for thousands of years and you can enjoy spending time in nature.Cappadocia Airport is the closest airport to Aksaray. It takes about 45 minutes from Cappadocia Airport to arrive in Aksaray. You can go to the city center by renting a car.

Rent a Car in Aksaray

Although, the main purpose of organizing tours to Aksaray is definitely its delicious cuisine. Aksaray cuisine is dominated by dishes prepared with meat and dough, and suitable for those who enjoy intense delicacies. Discover Aksaray in the Spring! Aksaray grants a different character to those who have seen the many sightseeing places in Turkey. After you arrive in Aksaray, you can rent a car from the City center and enjoy traveling around the city. If your purpose is to explore the intact steppe nature of Anatolia, you should definitely go there in spring, Particularly you should see the villages. Ongoing livestock activities in the villages will also provide a unique experience for children growing up in the city. The type of the dog called the Malaklı is unique to this region and is recognized all over the world. In Aksaray, you can find charming and friendly guesthouses. You can stay in one of the luxurious hotels in the city center or in the nearby Cappadocia region. Aksaray is very close the natural beauties that Cappadocia, Ihlara Valley, Mount Hasan offer. You can rent a car from Cappadocia Airport to get to the city center of Aksaray or you can go to places like Cappadocia, Ihlara Valley, Mount Hasan and save time. You can compare the prices with yolcu360.com for the most affordable price for Cappadocia Airport. The system shows you the cheapest rent a car option at Cappadocia Airport within minutes. The Aksaray Museum is a place that should be visited when you are in Aksaray. Because this museum is not a boring museum. Aksaray Museum exhibits the oldest mummies in Anatolia. These very well preserved mummies are really awesome. In addition, the churches in Güzelyurt and surroundings and Aşıklı Mound are worth visiting. If you ask what you should in Aksaray, the clearest answer to this question would be the delicate pita with meat and bourek with minced meat. However, the pita is different from the ones you eat in Istanbul. Because they put plenty of meat on it and the meat is pure, hence, the pita is different and very delicious. If you are asking "what to buy from Aksaray", you should definitely buy Çömlek cheese. The Çömlek cheese, unique to the region, has a unique flavor because it is made entirely by using milk and traditional methods.

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