Adana Kozan Rent a Car

Adana Kozan Rent a CarThe Kozan district in Adana is as ancient as the history of Anatolia and perhaps the history of mankind. In the middle of a green nature where the touch of history is felt, Kozan is a place really worth-seeing. It is one of the places where you should definitely visit if you have never visited before, or where you should visit once more even if you have visited before. How to travel to Kozan? Rent a car at the Adana Airport, connect to the D815 from the D400 and after a drive of 75 kilometers on a straight road, you will reach Kozan city center.

Rent a Car in Kozan Adana

Rent a Car in Kozan Adana

It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the airport to Kozan. You can also use public transportation vehicles such as dolmush (shared minibus) or buses to travel to the Kozan district from Adana city center. Frequent trips are held within this distance. However, if you do not have a vehicle and want to go to Kozan in your own vehicle, you can search for rental car options on With, you can compare prices quickly and easily rent your vehicle online. You can find answers to your search such as car rental companies and rental car prices in Adana quickly and easily. Historical Sites to Visit in Kozan Sis Castle, said to have been built during the Assyrians, is one of the first historical monuments to be visited in Kozan. The most distinctive feature of the castle is that it was built in the form of an amphitheater. We are sure that you will be amazed when you see the cellars, secret tunnels and historical inscriptions in the castle. We must also add that the castle is the fourth of the chain of the "mountain castles" in the region. Like Sis Castle, Anavarza Castle is also another historical site in Kozan with interesting features. This is a structure that was used by many civilizations such as Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Armenians, Arabs and Turks and was restored and made additions in different historic periods. Rock tombs, temple, palace, theater and hammam remains, fresco graves, cisterns and churches dating from the Roman period will attract you. Karasis Castle, Andil Castle, Yarıkkaya Castle, Bucak Castle and Kudret Castle are some of the other historical sites you can visit in Kozan. You will feel in touch with history as you travel around the castles used by civilizations which were similar to each other but had their own distinctive features. You should definitely visit the Arıkan Mansion when you are in Kozan. This relatively new mansion built in 1890 in the foothills of the Sis Castle is one of the rare structures of its kind that are best preserved and display all the features. It is worth noting that besides its historic value, the mansion has a magnificent view of Kozan. By the way, if you are looking for a place to stay in Kozan, Arıkan Konağı serves as a boutique hotel and restaurant. Spending a night here with a fantastic view will make both you and your family feel great. You should definitely visit Hoşkadem and Küçük Mosques, Cilicia Monastery, Ferhat Tepesi and Köreken churches, Bedesten (Covered Bazaar), historic bridge over the Kozan River and the historical Kozan Houses on Camii Kebir Street before you leave Kozan. Natural Beauties in Kozan If you want to have a great time in nature with your family, you should try Göller Plateau. 40 km away from Kozan, the plateau is a natural beauty adorned with colorful wild flowers in a lush forest. The plateau, which also has groceries, restaurants and a coffee house, will make you feel good from many aspects. Keşiş Cave on the foothills of Sis Castle is another beauty you should explore. With its historical, legendary and natural value, the cave promises a short but fantastic trip. What to Eat in Kozan? You will have plenty of alternatives in Kozan, where the wonderful Çukurova cuisine is dominant. Börek soup, süt soup, lepe, ciğer kababı, paça üfelemesi and büzdürük dessert are some of the interesting flavors you should definitely try.

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