Adana Karaisali Rent a Car

Adana Karaisali Rent a CarWhen you feel exhausted from the heat of Adana during the summer months, you should definitely visit the district of Karaisalı. Karaisalı offers a relatively cool and beautiful day with its colorful center decorated with a green cover. Dating back to the Roman Empire, Karaisalı is not rich in terms of sightseeing, but if you are looking for a pleasant resting place and want to taste delicious Adana cuisine in its centre, it's a good alternative. How to travel to Karaisalı? You can easily get to the city by renting a car at Adana Airport or in the center of Adana.

Rent a Car in Karaisalı Adana

Rent a Car in Karaisalı Adana

While travelling from Adana Airport to Karaisalı, use the D400 highway in the direction of Tarsus take the route to the north at the Tapantepe turnout. The path with a steep slope towards the mountains will take you directly to Karaisalı. The 56 km long journey to Karaisalı will take about one hour, but you should also know that the landscapes at certain spots through your journey will make you feel your journey took less than one hour. Places to Visit in Karaisalı Varda Bridge, which has become more famous recently, is the most important historical structure of Karaisalı. The bridge, also known as the German bridge, is where the train scene in the last James Bond film Skyfall was shot. The bridge built by Germans as part of the İstanbul-Baghdad railway during the periods of Abdulhamid between 1907 and 1912 is eye-catching with a height of 110 meters and different foot heights. The Yerköprü recreation area is a beautiful natural park you may plan to see in Karaisalı. The Çakıt River enters underground in this area and returns to the surface after a distance of 400 meters. The recreation area gets its name from the view of this naturally formed bridge. With its clean air, the cool weather not usually seen in Adana in summer, the pergolas specially made for the people who visit here for picnic and the cold water of the river coming from the Taurus mountains, Yerköprü recreation area is a place where you can have a good time with your family. Let's not forget to add that there is a restaurant where you can eat the famous Adana kebab. Kapıkaya canyon, which looks like a mountain divided in two, is another place you should definitely visit in Karaisalı. The weather here will attract especially hikers. Although there are railings and stairs built for security in some parts, the Kapikaya canyon is still a great natural attraction. The waterfall which you will encounter after a tough 1350-meter walk will amaze you. The 7.5 km long canyon ends in the Yerköprü recreation area. We think it will make you quite happy that you will come across a restaurant where you can eat kebab after a long walk. What to Eat in Karaisalı? Karaisalı cuisine has the distinctive Adana and Çukurova dishes. One of the answers to the question 'Where to eat the best kebab in Adana?' can be Karaisalı. You will find many meat and kebab dishes. You can also try local flavours such as small rolled pastry with cheese or potato, yüksük soup, stew, topalak (buckthorn), tatar (minced meat in pastry), kibbeh, analıkızlı soup, filo pastry, fig jam, grapes and harnup pekmez.

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