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Feke, Adana Feke, situated in the skirts of the Taurus Mountains, is an entertaining, warm and clean district. The distance between Adana city centre and Feke is 122km. Feke has a more touristic structure compared to its neighbours Kozan, Yahyalı and Develi. Feke, a settlement area since the Hittites, has many historical monuments. There are many valuable pieces among the works exhibited in Feke museum. Every year, 22 March is celebrated as Feke's Salvation Day. Feke is also situated on a quite green area. So, it may be a good choice to relax and feel the beauty of nature. The Göksu River has a big share in Feke's being so green. Fishing in the Göksu River and eating a delightful meal by the Göksu River is one of the most popular activities of those who come to Feke. Feke Castle is one of the stops that you should absolutely visit when you go to the region. The best answer to the question 'What is Feke famous for?' is its meat dishes. It is very easy to find quality meat and dairy products as animal husbandry is done in the region. You can treat yourself to a nice barbeque, kebab and meat dishes. You can reach Feke by renting a car in the Adana city center. If you are in Adana for business, you can check the prices of car rental offices at Adana Airport on to see this lovely and different district. You can compare the prices of reliable car rental companies on and you can rent a car for the best price.

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