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Adana Ceyhan

Adana is one of the cities that should be visited in Turkey. Adana is indeed a different city, with its unique texture and socio-economic status and it is one of the largest cities in the country.

Ceyhan is the most popular town of Adana, which reflects the Mediterranean, Oriental and Middle Eastern culture at the same time. So what to do in Adana Ceyhan and what is Ceyhan's famous for? Ceyhan, which is listed among the fastest developing cities in the world thanks to its richness with oil, is on the side of Ceyhan river, which is 509km long. Thanks to this river, the climate is warm and it has a green agricultural area. Ceyhan, of which the history dates back to the Hittites period, has many valuable historical buildings. You may want to visit them all. In addition, it is recommended to try the restaurant's in the city because it is known that the world's best kebab chefs are from Ceyhan. Incirlik Air Base played a significant role in the development of the region. However, the area where Air Base is located also has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Although the accommodation is not allowed there, you may swim there. One of the most impressive stories of the world, the legend of Şahmeran was born in Ceyhan. Since there were many snakes in the region in the past and the society feared them, they have developed such stories. You should absolutely visit the Ceyhan Snake Castle, the site of the legend. Şehmaran film (Türkan Şoray was the leading actress of the movie) was shot in this castle, which provides a very impressive atmosphere, which gives the shivers.

Adana Ceyhan Rent a Car

Adana is 30 km. away from Ceyhan. You can go to Ceyhan by renting a car from Adana. You can easily find affordable rental car options in Adana on Ceyhan is 45 km away from Adana Airport. You may use for finding the most affordable rental car options at Adana Airport as well.