Adana Center Rent a Car

Adana Rent a Car

The city center of Adana offers an enjoyable living space with its restaurants, cafes and parks. The museums in the city center have important works of art. Ramazanoğulları Mosque, which is one of the most important works of Turkish and Islamic architecture before the Ottoman Period, is among the places that you need to visit definitely with car rental. Historic Bazaar of Kazancılar gives you the chance of experiencing an amazing shopping. You can find special pieces for your personal needs in there apart from traditional pieces. Saint Paul Church is one of the most significant architectural works. This church is a work of Italian. The huge sculpture of Mother Mary is an excellent example. Adana Central Park and Atatürk Park are joyous places for visitors of the city.

The places that you can visit in Adana

Adana Sakirpasa Airport is generally the beginning point of travelings in Adana. If you prefer Adana car rental options from Yolcu360, to travel in Adana will be enjoyful for you. Traffic is not so intense in Adana. There are so many places that you can visit in Adana such as Sabancı Central Mosque. Sabancı Central Mosque is among the places that you need to visit. The other places that you need to visit;

  • Ulu Cami (Great Mosque)
  • Adana Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower of Adana)
  • Tarihi Kazancılar Çarşısı (Historic Bazaar of Kazancılar)
  • Bebekli Kilise (Saint Paul Church)
  • Tarihi Tren Garı(Historic Adana Railway Station)
  • Varda Köprüsü (Varda Viaduct)

We need to specify that in addition to these places, Çukurova University has an amazing scene. You can travel to these points easily by choosing Adana car rental options.

What to eat in Adana?

The answer to the question that “ What to do in Adana ?” is not limited to visiting historical places. The best activity that you can do in this city is to taste the delicious meals. Adana is famous for the types of Kebabs. The delicious kebab types, which are prepared with the meat of high quality, are presented with the appetizers special to the region. "Kellepaça, mumbar and şırdan" are some of the delicious tastes that you can eat the best of them in Adana. You can go to any restaurant that you want easily in Adana, which is the city of gastronomy, thanks to the car rental options of Adana. In a year, Many visitors from İstanbul come to Adana just for its cuisine. You can come from the airport and you can go to your home in a comfortable way with İstanbul Airport car rental. So, which meals can you taste? and Where can you taste them? Here is the full-fledged menu of Adana.

  • Adaba kebab; Hasan Usta is one of the best choice for the famous Adana Kebab. Also, you can try “ Cik Cik Ali, Eyvan Kebab, and Dede Kebab”.
  • Ciğer Şiş; You can taste in Ciğerci Mahmut which is the best option for the breakfast.
  • Şırdan; its appearance may not be so attractive fort he most of the people. But if we speak of palatal delight, appearance stays in the background. You can find şırdan in every corner.
  • Şebit mantısı and yağ mantısı; if you try şebit mantısı, in other words, yağ mantısı, you can discover a different taste.
  • Fellah köftesi; it is one of the most famous taste of Adana you can find it in every corner.
  • Bici bici; “ Su muhallebesi” is serviced with cranberry sherbet and ice. It is a light dessert and one of the most famous dessert of Adana.
  • Şalgam suyu; If you pass by old town of the city, you should taste it from the places that buy only şalgam.
  • Halka tatlısı: If you hear somebody talking about “kerhane tatlısı” in the street don’t be surprised. You can find this taste, whose other name is halka tatlısı, almost in every corner.

Adana car rental

The visitors, who go to Adana for holiday or business, want to use their car economically during their traveling thanks to the searches of a rental car by the owner or reasonably priced car rental. But, to find the most reasonably priced car rental can be challenging by visiting Adana car rental offices or searching Adana car rental options by one by as online for the ones who are not residents of this city. This process can be much more stressful especially for the ones who want to complete the reservation of car rental before arriving in the city. Just because of this reason, Yolcu360 aims that you complete your Adana car rental reservation in an economic way and suitable for the criteria that you are looking for before setting off. Besides, it provides live support 24 hours nonstop for the questions relating to the car that you rent. Also, you can reach Adana Airport car rental options on the system.

Adana luxury car rental offers luxury, economical, small or, for the big families, big car rental alternatives in Adana by comparing the prices of car rental brands, which work with the most quality service manner. You can compare the prices in an instant, so you can find the most suitable option without trouble. The car rental options are wide in Adana thanks to the companies whose car fleet is plentiful. Thanks to this way, you can rent the car that you want. Yolcu360 contains all the car rental system. You can compare the prices and you can choose the car that you want among the car rental companies. Adana car rental service is also on your phone thanks to the application of Yolcu360. You don’t have to deal with the airport transfer. Thanks to car rental, You can begin to discover this amazing city and the amazing tastes as soon as you land from the plane.

Where to stay in Adana?

There are plenty of hotel options in the city center of Adana. The branches of global hotel chains take place among the options of Adana central accommodation. Apart from these options, there are many other options such as; the hostels, boutique hotels, and teacher’s houses. Actually, their plenty of answers to the question that “ Where can I stay in Adana?”. You can make reservations online, also. Adana airport is not far away from the hotels in terms of its location and convenience in transportation. You can reach your hotel directly by choosing Adana car rental options. There are Adana car rental offices in Şakirpaşa Airport. You can prepare for traveling by choosing the most suitable car rental option for you among the Adana car rental services.

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