Adana Aladag Rent a Car

Adana Aladag Rent a Car

Aladağ district of Adana is famous especially for its meat meals. Adana Airport is 107 km away from Aladağ. For this reason, if you intend to visit Aladağ when you come to Adana, reaching there by car would be the most reasonable option. For example, you can comfortably reach there by renting a car from Adana Şakirpaşa Airport. Adana's Aladağ district is indeed lush and it has a beautiful appearance.

Vegetables are very tasty since we enjoy the privilege of being in Çukurova. Moreover, the county has a history of thousands of years as a settlement. The historical artifacts are remarkable containing the artifacts of Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans. The city that is called as Akören 1 and 2 and dates back to the Byzantine era between the 5th and 6th centuries AC, it is a must-see historical destination. Tamrut (Castle of Alişa) Castle, built on rocks and surrounded by steep slopes, is another historic building. However, there is a text consisting of 6 lines at the entrance of the Castle, its mystery is not discovered yet. If you are curious about the history, you should definitely see Sarı Çiçek, Mazılık Ruins, and Masiret Ruins. The mosaics you will observe in Masiret ruins indicate that this is an essential place. It is believed that this is a settlement, where wine and oil were manufactured when the place was first settled. If you enjoy nature, you should not miss the Meydan Plateau. Differently from other plateaus, Meydan plateau has electricity, water, phone lines and restaurants, offering mainly meat dishes. So, you shouldn’t neglect to eat meat when you are in Adana. Evidently we recommend you to go hiking since you are in nature. The best route you can choose is to visit Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, 45 km. far away from district center and then go to Hacer Forest. If you hike for 4 hours, the road will lead you to a perfect beauty, Yedigöller, consisting of 7 glacial lakes at 3500 meters high. Yerköprü Travertine is one the sightseeing destinations in Aladağ. The travertine, located in the first-degree archeological site, is still continuing its formation for centuries. If you are asking what is Aladağ famous for, in addition to the historical artifacts and natural beauty, it is famous for its cuisine. The cuisine includes many dishes with interesting names and tastes such as bulgur pilaf with meat and chickpeas, the dish of dry bread and broth, eggs with sun-dried tomatoes, bun with nigella sativa (küncülü çörek), leek pie, kedi sıkması (ovalamaç), şaştım aşı, etc. and Teleme which is made with fermenting milk, fig and sugar.

Aladağ Rent a Car

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