As Yolcu360 Bilisim Anonim Sirketi (“YOLCU360” or “the Company”), we show utmost care to the protection of your personal data. With this motive, we attach great importance to the processing and storing of the personal data of the natural persons affiliated with the Company in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (“the Law”), subsidiary regulations (legislations, communiqués and circulars) and the binding decisions which have been or may be taken by the Personal Data Protection Board thereto. Having recognized this responsibility, we process your personal data as “the Data Controller”, an attribute defined in the Law, during creating an account according to the following principles and to the extent permitted by the regulation.
1. Data Controller Information

As per the Law, the Data Controller is Yolcu360 Bilisim Anonim Sirketi of Ünalan Libadiye Street Emaar Square Block F No: 82 F Inner Door No: 101 Üsküdar / İstanbul which is registered by the Trade Registry Directorate of Istanbul with no. 8601-5.

2. Personal Data Processing Purposes

Your personal data may be processed in a relevant, limited and balanced manner in compliance with the restrictions specified by the Law and in conformance with the legal and good faith rules so that the Company departments may engage in necessary activities for the Company to ensurethe commercial operations according to the regulations and Company policies; the Company may identify, plan and implement short-, medium- and long-term commercial policies; the Company’s human resources operations are designed and implemented; the Company’s legal liabilities are performed; customer relations and corporate communication procedures are managed; and the commercial and legal security of the legal and natural persons affiliated with the Company is ensured.

3. Personal Data Transfer

By taking the security measures prescribed by the Law and in conformance with the articles 8 and 9 thereof, your personal data may be transferred to legally authorized public institutions, judicial and administrative authorities, legal and natural private entities specified in the relevant laws, the institutions and organizations authorized to audit the Company, payment institutions contracted to perform payments and financial liabilities, outsourcing or collaborated business partners to ensure the performance and improvement of the Company’s operations, and, where necessary, the Company’s suppliers.

4. The Method and the Legal Grounds of Personal Data Collection

Your personal data are collected by the authorized departments and employees of the Company in verbal and written forms or through digital media using automatic or non-automatic means. In this sense, the personal data relating to identity, contact, location, personal, legal procedure, customer procedure, physical space security, transaction security, risk management, finance, professional experience, marketing and visual and audio recording information are processed where such personal data require processing due to relevance with the conclusion or performance of a contract as per paragraph 2, Article 5 of the Law, must be processed for the data controller to be able to perform its legal liabilities, are publicized by relevant person(s) and are processed to the benefit of the legal interests of the Holding without any damage to the fundamental rights and freedoms of relevant person(s).

5. The Rights of Data Owners under the Law
Data Owners may apply to YOLCU360 any time and may:
  • Learn whether their personal data are processed
  • Request information about the procedure where their personal data are processed,
  • Learn the purpose of processing of their personal data and whether the processing is carried out in accordance with the purposes,
  • Learn the national and international third persons to whom their personal data are transferred,
  • Request correction in case personal data are processed incompletely or incorrectly,
  • Request deletion or removal of personal data as per the conditions prescribed by article 7 of the Law,
  • Request notification to transferee third parties as regards to the procedures specified under paragraphs (d) and (e), Article 11 of the Law,
  • Object in case a condition arises to the detriment of the Data Owner due to the analysis of processed data only by automatic means,
  • Request indemnification in case Data Owner incurs damage due to the illegal processing of personal data.

You can submit your requests for your rights and the execution of the Law by submitting an originally signed application form to Ünalan Libadiye Street Emaar Square Block F No: 82 F Inner Door No: 101 Üsküdar / İstanbul through notary public or via registered mail or hand delivery or by sending an e-signed (with mobile signature or secure electronic signature) electronic application form to using your REM address or the e-mail address registered in the Company’s data recording system. Where replied in written, YOLCU360 will offer free-of-charge reply up to ten pages. However, YOLCU360 will charge 1,00 Turkish Lira for each and every page exceeding ten pages. Where replies are offered in a recorded media such has CD or flash memory, the charge imposed by the company cannot exceed the price of such media.