Param Kart Holders Hit the Road with Advantage in Turkey and Abroad!

Param Kart Holders Hit the Road with Advantage in Turkey and Abroad!

Transaction Date: 17November 2022 – 31 December 2022

Rental Date: 17November ndash; 31 December 2022


How can you join the Campaign?

  • The campaign is special for Param Card users.
  • The campaign is valid for car rentals you complete from Yolcu360 with your Param Card.
  • With your Param Card, you will be offered an 8% discount for your car rentals from Yolcu360. The 8% discount on purchases will be refunded to your Param Card after your purchase.


Campaign Conditions

  • The campaign is valid only for domestic and daily car rentals. It's not valid for monthly or long term car rentals.
  • In order to benefit from the campaign, you should have enough balance on your Param Card.
  • The advantage amount for canceled payments will be withdrawn from your Param Card.
  • Participants can benefit from the campaign in all car brands and models without any date restrictions.
  • Payments other than the car rental fee are excluded from the campaign (deposit, insurance, equivalent car, drop, drop off fee, etc.).
  • The guarantee amounts (deposit) of the relevant car group are collected from the personal credit card of the customer at the beginning of the rental.


Other Conditions

  • For reservations made within the scope of the campaign, the service rules of Yolcu360 and the office where the car will be delivered are valid.
  • This campaign cannot be combined with another campaign or discount code.
  • Mentioned car models are accepted as an example of the relevant group and at the time of leasing, service can be provided with an equivalent car other than the relevant car group.
  • TURK Elektronik Para A.Ş. and Yolcu360 reserve the right to change the terms of the campaign and/or cancel the campaign without prior notice.
  • For reservations, questions and requests, you can visit, reach us from our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or call Yolcu360 Call Center at 0850 360 5 360.