If you have Multinet Card; you have car rental discounts all over the world on Yolcu360!

If you have Multinet Card; you have car rental discounts all over the world on Yolcu360!

Transaction Date: January, 01 2022 – December, 31  2022

Rental Date: January, 01   2022 – December, 31  2022


How Can You Benefit From The Campaign?

  • The campaign is special for Multinet Card members.
  • You can get your user information from the MultiPay mobile application by clicking on the Yolcu360 campaign to get your campaign code.
  • When the code you received is entered on the campaign page from the Yolcu360.com website or Yolcu360 mobile application, you can enter the campaign code to list the discounted prices and perform the rental process.
  • You can also rent at discounted prices by calling 0850 360 5 360 Yolcu360 Call Center and submitting your Yolcu360 discount code.


Campaign Conditions

  • The campaign is only valid for domestic rentals.
  • The campaign is valid for rentals between 1-29 days. For this reason, it does not include monthly and long-term rentals.
  • The guarantee amounts (deposit) of the relevant car group are collected from the personal credit card of the guest when the car is delivered.
  • The campaign prices are calculated at a discount based on the daily car rental list prices (prices highlighted in red).
  • Payments other than car rental fees are excluded from the campaign (deposit, insurance, equivalent car, drop off, drop off fee, etc.).


Other Conditions

  • The terms of use of the relevant company apply for the delivery of the car booked within the campaign, and the renter must meet these conditions.
  • The campaign cannot be combined with another campaign or discount code.
  • Mentioned car models are accepted as an example of the relevant group and at the time of leasing, service can be provided with an equivalent car other than the relevant car group.
  • According to car groups, rental procedures require a minimum age of 21 and a driving license of at least 1 year.
  • Yolcu360 and Multinet UP reserve the right to change the terms of the campaign and / or cancel the campaign without prior notice.
  • For reservations, questions and requests, you can visit Yolcu360.com, contact us from our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or call Yolcu360 Call Center at 0850 360 5 360.