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Why Are Vehicle Emission Standards So Important?

The concept of emission standards has become a concept that almost everyone has heard of in recent years. What are the emission standards? Why are vehicle emission standards so important? What are the measurements regarding emission standards? Why are these measurements important and what would happen if emissions were not measured?

Why Are Vehicle Emission Standards So Important?

In these years when global warming and climate change are on the agenda, many different studies are carried out to reduce the damage to the environment. One of these environmentalist movements is to reduce the damage to the environment due to the fossil fuels used by automobiles, motorcycles and similar private vehicles, which are used every day and are indispensable for personal transportation. There are many different terms on this topic. There may be some question marks about emission standards. There are vehicles with internal combustion engines that change and become more efficient with different emission restrictions. Automobile brands are competing with each other for lower emission values. Well, why are vehicle emission standards so important? Many countries are implementing draft laws based on emission standards. Let’s examine the answers to these questions in detail and shed light on vehicle emission measurement.

What is Exhaust Emission?

Fossil fuels are still used in many vehicles today. In vehicles with internal combustion engines, the energy generated by burning these fossil fuels is converted into motion energy and transmitted to the wheels. In this way, the vehicle moves. On the other hand, not all of the fuel burned in internal combustion engines can be converted into motion energy. Some of the burning fuel turns into heat energy. At the same time, as a result of this combustion reaction, some polluting gases are produced. This situation can be observed especially in old model cars. These gases mixed with the exhaust gas also contain gases that harm the atmosphere. These polluting gases create a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.

As a result of this greenhouse effect, the atmosphere begins to warm and consequently the natural balance of our planet is disturbed. This is the harmful effect of emissions. All of these exhaust gases released into the atmosphere together with harmful gases are called exhaust emissions. Another way to get rid of these harmful gases released into the atmosphere is to use vehicles that use electrical or alternative energy sources. Electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries do not cause any harm to the atmosphere. Because they do not cause any exhaust emission. Similarly, vehicles with hydrogen-batteries do not cause any harm to the atmosphere.

What is Exhaust Emission Measurement?

Exhaust emissions of vehicles are measured in certain periods. Exhaust emissions are measured to prevent a vehicle from damaging the environment above the specified levels. By measuring the emission values ​​to the atmosphere with the exhaust emission measurement, it is tried to be kept below certain rates. In other words, the ultimate purpose of exhaust emission measurement is to minimize the damage to the environment. So what happens if emissions are not measured? If the emissions are not measured, the vehicle releases more harmful substances into the atmosphere than is allowed due to a problem in the parts of the vehicle or a wrong modification process. This situation harms the environment. In our country, exhaust emissions are measured by TUVTURK or other institutions authorized by TUVTURK. Vehicles whose exhaust emissions are not measured cannot pass vehicle inspections either. TUVTURK vehicle inspection stations prohibit the vehicle from traffic. In this case, if the driver goes on traffic, a penalty will be imposed. The issue of emission measurement is also an increasingly important issue.

Importance of Emission Standards

Emissions from vehicle exhaust are very critical for the atmosphere. By reducing harmful gas emissions to the atmosphere, it is possible to prevent problems such as global warming and climate change. At this point, the amount of harmful gases emitted by vehicles to the atmosphere becomes important. It is possible to prevent these emissions by changing the energy sources used by vehicles. On the other hand, until the transition to vehicles using alternative energy sources, gasoline and diesel vehicles that consume fossil fuels can be reduced to the environment by reducing their emission values. At this point, the gradual application of norms such as EURO 4, 5 and 6 to vehicles makes a great contribution. These emission standards force automotive brands to change, enabling them to develop more efficient and more innovative technologies.

Thanks to the EURO norms, it is possible to see;
  • Vehicles with more economical fuel consumption values,
  • Vehicles with more efficient and environmentally friendly emission values,
  • Vehicles with more technological engines and electronic equipment,
  • Vehicles with alternative energy sources.

With the development of technology, vehicles with reduced fuel consumption and more efficient designs help to reduce these harmful gas emissions and thus prevent global warming by causing less damage to the environment.

In summary, the issue of vehicle emission standards is very important for more than one reason. If you care about the future and want the next generations to live in a beautiful world, you must be sensitive to vehicle emission standards. On the other hand, many countries, especially European countries, have legal emission standards. If your vehicle does not meet these standards, you will either pay a fine, pay extra tax or be banned from traffic. Vehicle emission standards are determined by law in also our country.

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