Where is Rumkale? | Trip To Rumkale

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Are you ready for a trip to Rumkale in Gaziantep? You can also rent a car and explore Rumkale. Where is Rumkale? / Brief information about Rumkale in Gaziantep / Everything about Rumkale history was prepared by the popular traveler of Instagram, Gezginkız Elif Omput.

Trip To Rumkale

Dear travel enthusiasts, in this article, I will share with you Rumkale, which has a unique view. This unique historical and religious site will impress you in depth. Most of us have heard of Halfeti, the Land of Black Roses. In fact, I have already mentioned to you in the Halfeti travel article.

We will look at this route from the opposite side of the Euphrates River. The exact construction date of Rumkale is unknown. On the other hand, it is thought that the castle was founded by Yohannes, one of the apostles of the Prophet Jesus, in 855 BC. It is known that Yohannes kept a copy of the Bible here in order to spread Christianity. This copy of the Bible was later moved to Beirut. There are important religious and cultural buildings in Rumkale.

Saint Nerses Church, Barşavma Monastery and water dams are known as some of the important structures. Rumkale has been known by many names in history. It was named as Sitamrat, Kal-a Rhomayta, Hromklay, Rankulat, Kal-at el Rum, Kal-at el Müslimin and Kale-i Zerrin (golden castle). In my opinion, the reason why it is named as the Golden Castle is that the yellow bright lights of the sun hits Rumkale on the steep rocky peninsula at sunrise and sunset. With the sunlight that hits, this magnificent structure turns into a golden jewel. Those who visit Rumkale should watch sunset or sunrise just like in Nemrut.

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Where is Rumkale?

Rumkale is located within the borders of Gaziantep, one of our UNESCO cities with its culinary delights. You can create your route to the village of Kasaba in Yavuzeli district of Gaziantep. Rumkale is located 92 kilometers from Gaziantep city center, 47 kilometers from Nizip district and 25 kilometers from Yavuzeli district center. Rumkale has a peninsula view as it is located at the intersection of the Euphrates River and the Merzimen Stream.

If you come to Rumkale in the summer, I strongly recommend you to take a boat tour on the Euphrates. You should watch the fascinating view from above as well as from the waters of the Euphrates River. You can taste the magnificent tastes of both Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa in the restaurants located on the opposite shores of Rumkale. Rumkale is a border point in the middle of both provinces. The golden lands of this beautiful country await your discovery. If you go in the spring, you will be greeted by the clear beauty of green, if you go in autumn, the golden color and the red colors of the sky falling on the Euphrates.

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