Where is Denizli Ski Center and How to Go?

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As the winter season approached, the ski season started to open slowly. The questions of whatever we do by ski lovers, wherever we go, have already started to poke their minds. We have searched and found the most beautiful ski resorts so that we can find an alternative for you and have a good time. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about Denizli ski resort. Spending a winter holiday in Denizli Ski Resort sounds very exciting. How about taking the road to Denizli by taking advantage of car rental options? Our suggestion is to turn your route here for your winter holiday without waiting. Because you deserve this holiday. You have been running, working and tired all year. Rest and fun is your greatest right.

The article of ” Where and how to go to Denizli Ski Resort?” is prepared by Yolcu360,which includes the answers to some questions such as;” Denizli Ski Resort price list / Denizli Ski Resort hotel / How to get to Denizli Ski Resort? ”

Where is Denizli Ski Resort?

The Ski Center is located in Bahçeköy District in the Tavas district of Denizli province. There is a distance of 93.9 kilometers between Denizli center and here. You can reach here with a comfortable transportation option in 1 hour 22 minutes by taking advantage of the car rental facilities. Why this ski resort?

The high quality of snow will offer you a great skiing pleasure. Also, if you are one of those who like to eat sausage bread while skiing or snowboarding, this is the right address. Because while skiing here, the smell of sausage bread will surround you. The taste of sitting at tables in the snow and eating sausage bread is indefinable. Stop by this beautiful city of the Aegean and enjoy the ski center.

Denizli Ski Resort

The ski center serves you within the scope of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Season for this place is between December and March. The ski center provides service time depending on weather conditions and snowfall. Therefore, we can say that the average season for the foundation is 3 months. So we can call it a great opportunity for a winter holiday. If you want to get information about the Denizli ski resort track map, we have that information. The right side of the M-1 runway length is 858 meters and the left side is 848 meters. The right side of the M-2 runway is 1933 meters and the left side is 2789 meters. The right side of the M-3 runway is 1672 m and the left side is 1403 meters. They indicated the runway degrees with colors. The blue-colored tracks are recommended for beginner skiers. Red colored tracks are recommended for intermediate skiers. Black tracks should also be preferred by those who know how to ski well. We recommend the second chairlift area for those who want to snowboard. Free courses have been offered by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality since January 2, 2019. People aged 10-18 and over 19 years old can attend the courses organized in 2 groups. Lunch and ski equipment are also provided free of charge during the training period. There are 2 chair lifts, teleski, marching band, cafe, restaurant and parking lot in the ski center.

Denizli Ski Resort Price List

We researched and found the price information for the 2018-2019 season. Denizli ski resort skipass prices:

  • Daily unlimited marching band: 7.5 TL on weekdays, 10 TL on weekends.
  • Single boarding chair lift: 6 TL on weekdays, 7.5 TL on weekends.
  • Unlimited T-Bar teleski per day: 20 TL on weekdays, 30 TL on weekends.
  • Daily unlimited chairlift: 50 TL on weekdays, 60 TL on weekends.

Denizli ski resort ski rental prices and price for ski clothes:

  • Clothes (Trousers and Coat): 40 TL.
  • Glasses: 15 TL.
  • Shoes: 20 TL.
  • Trousers: 20 TL.
  • Top Coat: 20 TL.
  • Ski: 40 TL.
  • Helmet: 15 TL.
  • Ski (Ski and Shoes): 40 TL.
  • Snowboard (Board and Shoes): 40 TL.
  • Sleigh hourly: 20 TL.
  • Sled 30 minutes: 10 TL.

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Denizli Ski Resort Hotel

The ski center was established for the concept of daily unity, travel and entertainment. Therefore, there is no accommodation opportunity in the ski center. But don’t worry, we searched and found the best hotels around for you in Denizli ski center accommodation.

  • Kızılhisar Castle
  • Grand İtimat Hotel
  • İnci Class Hotel
  • Lavin Hotel

How to Get to Denizli Ski Center?

How many km from İstanbul to Denizli? The distance between the two cities on the O-5 is 588.9 kilometers, and you can reach the ski center and Denizli within 6 hours and 24 minutes by checking the Istanbul car rental options.

How many km from İzmir to Denizli? To reach the ski center, you can take advantage of Izmir car rental opportunities and complete the 240.8-kilometer road on the E87 and Denizli Aydın Road in 2 hours and 56 minutes.

How many km from Ankara to Denizli? The distance between Ankara and Denizli is 471.1 kilometers. Those who depart from Ankara for the ski center can take a look at Ankara car rental opportunities and reach the city within 5 hours 37 minutes via Dumlupınar Blv./D200/E90. At the same time, they can enjoy the hidden treasure of Denizli: Hierapolis ancient city and Işıklı lake, thanks to their car rental facilities.

How many km from Denizli to Antalya? Ski lovers departing from Antalya can examine the Antalya car rental opportunities, complete the 221.8-kilometer road on the E87 in 2 hours 54 minutes and have fun-filled moments for the winter holiday.

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