What To Do If Your Car Skids On Road?

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The probability of your car slipping on the road is always high in winter. Moreover, even when there is no snow or ice. Driving in winter requires experience and caution. Because the roads get slippery as they get wet or icy. Tires become tight due to the cold, and all this unfortunately increases the likelihood of slipping. The road holding of the car on slippery ground is reduced. This creates a very dangerous situation for car occupants. So, how to use the car if the car skids while driving? What to do if your car skids on road?

Things To Do To Avoid The Car Slip Sliding Away

Let’s list the precautions to be taken to prevent the car from sliding on slippery ground:

  • If it is not necessary, do not drive in winter conditions.
  • Always use winter tires in winter.
  • If necessary, also use wheel chains.
  • After starting the car, clean the ice and snow from the windows.
  • Turn on the air conditioner to prevent the windshield from fogging up.
  • Keep something vital like blankets, water, and crackers in case you get stuck.
  • Both front and rear seat occupants must wear seat belts.
  • Child passengers should definitely sit in a child seat and correctly.
  • It is very important to pay attention to the distance following the car in front.
  • Antifreeze water should be added to the wiper water.

What To Do If Your Car Skids On Road?

People often panic when driving on icy ground. When the car slips, they apply the brakes to stop the car suddenly. However, this behavior causes the car to spin around itself and skid more. Instead of suddenly applying the brakes, turn the steering wheel slightly in the desired direction. Avoid sudden movements. So the first requirement is not to overload the brake and gas. All movements such as steering, accelerator, brake and clutch use on ice should be done very smoothly.

When you rent a car in winter, you can request winter tires and wheel chains from the additional services section.

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