What is Gearbox and Types of Gearboxes?

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What is a gearbox? What are the gearbox types? How many types of gearboxes are there? Why does the gearbox break down? What is gearbox oil, what does it do and why is it important? Continue reading this article for what you are curious about gearbox types.

What is Gearbox and Types of Gearboxes?

 What is gearbox and what are the types of gearboxes. Because when we want to buy a new car, we hear many different gearbox types such as Triptonic and DTi. These different types of gearboxes can be quite confusing if you are not someone who is very interested in cars. So, which type of gearbox is the best, which is the smoothest gearbox type, which type of gearbox is in which car? The answers to these questions can clear up confusion. First, let’s learn what is a gearbox and then let’s look at the gearbox types.

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What is a Gearbox?

The gearbox and the gear are mixed tightly. For example, the definition of a car with automatic transmission is wrong. Because the gearbox is automatic, not the gear itself. So what is a gearbox or transmission? Many sources define the gearbox or transmission as follows. It is the transmission organ that transmits the movement received from the engine via the clutch lining to the shaft or differential at the desired torque value.

How Many Types of Gearboxes Are There? / What are the Types of Gearboxes?

Transmission types are basically divided into three basic categories: automatic transmission, manual transmission and robotized transmission. However, car brands have made some changes by working on transmissions over time and developed their own transmission types that they patented. This is why there are so many types of gearboxes in the automotive market today. Let’s consider the most common of these:

  • Manual Transmission: In manual transmission, the gear is changed manually by the person driving the car, and this type of car has a clutch pedal.
  • Automatic Transmission: Transmission systems in which the gear is changed automatically. There is no clutch pedal.
  • Robotized Transmissions (Semi-Automatic Transmissions): They are also called dry transmissions because they do not need lubrication. These transmission types can support up to 7th gear. They are the systems where the Engine Control Unit (ECU) changes gear according to the speed of the driver. If desired, they can be used with manual gear.

Let’s also look at DSG gearbox, CVT gearbox, EDC gearbox, MMT gearbox and TCT gearbox types:

  • What is DSG Transmission: It is an automated manual transmission type whose patent belongs to Volkswagen.
  • What is CVT Transmission: Used by many brands such as Audi, BMW, Nissan, and Skoda, this transmission type is known for its noiseless and smoothness. There is no clutch and gearbox in this system, where the engine power is transmitted from the engine to the wheels equally through the pulley system.
  • What is EDC Transmission: It is a transmission system developed by Renault. It works with a double clutch or double clutch automatic transmission.
  • What is TCT Transmission: A double clutch, semi-automatic transmission system is famous for being very environmentally friendly.

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Most Common Transmission Problems

Transmission may deteriorate or expire over time. Usually, transmission breakdown is due to user error. So why does the gearbox break down and how do you know that the gearbox is problematic?

  • How do you know that the gearbox is problematic?

Transmission is a kind of powertrain. For this reason, the balls and gearwheels of the gearbox are very important. Gearwheels and balls can wear out over time. Transmission oil is used to delay this wear. If the gearbox oil is renewed periodically, the ball and gears will have a longer life. If the gearbox gears and balls are out of life, they are replaced with new ones.

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What Are The Most Common Transmission Problems
  • Synchromesh distortion
  • Quality and quantity of transmission oil
  • Breaking of the driver plate caused by irregular gear shifting
  • Switching to parking gear before hand brake when parking the car on slope. For this reason, the shifting gear will be damaged.
Reasons For A Gearbox Problem / Causes Transmission Failure

Transmission life may end for different reasons. Of course, every part in a car has its own lifetime. It should change when it has completed this period. But since the gearbox is an expensive part of the car, it is necessary to protect it throughout the life of the car, to know how to drive correctly and to have the necessary transmission maintenance done. So what happens when the gearbox fails? We have listed a few reasons below:

  • User mistakes such as not shifting gears on time or shifting gears by half clutching shorten the life of the transmission and other transmission parts.
  • Driving for a long time on rough ground also strains the transmission and damages the gearbox.
  • Transmission oil needs to be changed in a timely manner. Using end-of-life oil causes gears to wear and damage to the transmission.
  • Using poor quality transmission oil
  • To make sudden brakes in a way that disrupts the gears and trying to stop suddenly when driving fast.
  • Hard shifts will damage the gears of the transmission
  • When parking a car uphill, trying to change gear first breaks the gears. In this case, the handbrake must be applied first.
  • Failure to change the transmission oil and gearbox filter on time also shortens the life of the gearbox.

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Transmission Oil

It is very important to protect against wear and corrosion in an internal combustion engine car. Otherwise, the life of the car will be shortened considerably. Lubrication prevents wear and corrosion. However, these mineral oils are very different from other oils we know. These oils prevent metal parts from wearing, friction and corrosion. Changing the oils in the required periods extends the life of the car. Because over time, the fat level decreases or loses its properties. It loses its first-day feature over time and cannot perform the required function. There is a gear mechanism inside the gearbox. These gears constantly move over each other and transmit power to the wheels. These metal parts wear out and become damaged over time. Transmission oil and lubrication are used to prevent this.

How to Change Transmission Oil?

You can also change the transmission oil if your car is automatic. But the gearbox oil of manual cars is changed in repair shops. So how to change the transmission oil of an automatic geared car?

  • Open the hood,
  • Find the red rod for the transmission oil,
  • Remove the rod, and wipe it with a clean cloth,
  • Plug it back in, wait 5 seconds, then take it back out and check.
  • If there is only oil at the tip of the rod, it is necessary to add it.
  • Add oil as needed.
Which Transmission Oil Should Be Used?

Transmission oils of different brands are sold in the market. You can also order online. But our recommendation is to always use the oils recommended by the manufacturer. The car’s user manual should say which brand of oil is used. When looking at the transmission oil prices, remember this. One of the most expensive parts of your car is the transmission. Damage to the gearbox causes much greater costs.

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