What Is Antifreeze Coolant And How To Put In The Car?

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Antifreeze should definitely be used in motor vehicles in our geography where the temperature difference is high. What is Antifreeze Coolant? What is antifreeze that motor vehicles should definitely use? How to put antifreeze in the car? What does antifreeze do and what are the types of antifreeze? We have gathered the answers to such questions with detailed antifreeze information in this article.

What is Antifreeze Coolant?

Although antifreeze is seen as a periodic winter maintenance that the vehicle needs in cold weather, it should be used in all seasons. Antifreeze is a type of alcohol. It is a liquid that prevents the vehicle engine and engine connections from freezing and heating. Antifreeze, thanks to the glycol contained in it, reduces the freezing point of the water.

Thanks to this feature, it preserves the temperature balance of the engine in summer. At the same time, another feature of antifreeze is that it prevents rusting in engine blocks. Antifreeze prevents the engine from being damaged by keeping the calcification rate of the radiator water to a minimum. It is recommended to use both diesel and gasoline vehicles as it prevents water leaks and pump problems that may be seen on engine plugs.

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How To Put Antifreeze Coolant In The Car?

For the reasons given above, we should put antifreeze in the car. So how do you put antifreeze in the car? What should we pay attention to when putting antifreeze in the car? Let’s take a look together;

Before putting antifreeze in the car, make sure the car engine is cold!

  • The hood of the car is opened and the process starts from the radiator,
  • The cover of the radiator and the spare water cover are opened,
  • The drain cover just below the radiator opens and the water inside is discharged outside,
  • After the water is drained, the drain cover is tightly closed,
  • Then 3 liters of antifreeze is poured slowly into the radiator (this amount may vary depending on the brand and model of the car).
  • Then add pure water as needed,
  • The radiator is filled with antifreeze and pure water and the car engine is started,
  • When the vehicle starts up for the first time, there is a loss of coolant. Therefore, pure water is added until the coolant reaches the standard filling level,
  • Pure water is added until the motor reaches its standard temperature and the fan is turned on.
  • The fan of the vehicle is turned on and off and the water in the radiator is controlled. If the coolant level is correct, the cap is closed well.
  • Finally, when the engine of the vehicle has cooled, look under the car to make sure there is no water leak.

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Use of Antifreeze Coolant in LPG Engines

Engine missing may be occur in cars operating with LPG system. You can add pure water to stop the engine missing. At the same time, idling instability may occur for a while. You will see that this problem will disappear after a few kilometers.

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Types of Antifreeze Coolants

Antifreeze types are diverged by their colors. What are these antifreeze types that are diverged by colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue? Antifreeze colors are available in the market as red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and green.

Inorganic Antifreeze (IAT-Inornagic Acid Technology)

Also known as green antifreeze. This type of antifreeze contains Phosphate (iron preservative) and silicate (aluminum preservative). Phosphate prevents oxidation in the engine block and silicate in the pump and other parts through which the coolant passes. Average lifespan is between 40,000 – 50,000 km and 2 years.

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Organic Antifreeze (OAT-Organic Acid Technology)

It is available in orange, pink and dark green colors. This type of antifreeze contains organic acids. Unlike inorganic acids, it does not contain phosphate and silicate. Therefore, the rate of preventing oxidation is low. Its advantage is that it is long-lasting and provides longer motor protection. Average lifespan is up to 200,000 km and 5 years.

Hybrid Organic Antifreeze (HOAT-Hybrid Organic Acid Technology)

This type of antifreeze, known as yellow and orange antifreeze, can be seen in red and pink colors. In this antifreeze type, organic and inorganic antifreeze are together.

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Nitrited Organic Antifreeze (NOAT-Nitrited Organic Acid Technology)

It is known as red antifreeze or dark pink antifreeze. This type of antifreeze is also known for its long life. Compared to other antifreeze types, the service life is up to 1 million km and therefore more expensive. Usage areas are mostly large volume motor vehicles. It is recommended for use in construction machinery and long-distance vehicles.

Antifreeze Coolant Prices

Antifreeze coolant prices vary from time to time. It is usually sold in 3 liter packages on the market. Antifreeze coolant prices are also between 20 and 30 Turkish Liras.

Antifreeze coolant should be checked when renting a car, especially during the winter months. If antifreeze is not added to the coolant system, it should be reported to the car rental office immediately. After the appropriate antifreeze is put on the car, the road should be started. You can check yolcu360.com, which provides car rental services by comparing cars and comparing prices.


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