Uludag Ski Center and Ski Tours

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Uludag Ski Center, which is the biggest ski center of Turkey, is located in Bursa. Uludag has an altitude of 2542 meters, and for this reason, it has the title of the highest mountain of Marmara. Uludag Ski Center, which hosts many guests who come by renting a car especially in winter, also welcomes those who are interested in mountaineering sports in summer.

Uludağ New Year’s programs 2019 calendar is one of the most wondered activities. Uludağ ski tracks, which are different from each other, attract a lot of attention with the Uludağ ski tour in winter. At the same time, Uludağ Ski Center can be watched live with live broadcast cameras located at 8 different points in Uludağ. So where is Uludağ? How are Uludağ hotels? How to rent ski skiing in Uludağ? What are the transportation options for Uludağ Ski Center? We have compiled this information for you in this article.

Uludag Ski Center

Uludağ Ski Center is located on the highest mountain of Marmara and is spread over an area of ​​40 km in length. This majestic mountain with a width of 15-20 km is enough to enchant those who see it. When you go to Uludağ, the hills covered with white snow, you can have a nice winter holiday with its calm and admirable views. There are nearly 20 ski tracks with 10 tracks with easy difficulty level.

For those who love to ski, Uludağ Ski Resort is a unique winter holiday alternative. Especially in December and January, Uludağ ski center welcomes many guests. Nevertheless, Uludağ is a point of interest in summer, thanks to sports areas such as trekking and camping. Uludağ hotels with beautiful views meet the needs for accommodation. With different price options, you can evaluate the Uludağ ski tours 2019 options this winter.

Uludağ cable car working hours are open between 09:00 am and 07:00 pm on weekdays and between 09:00 am and 07:00 pm on weekends.

As of 2019, Uludağ cable car fee is 48 TL for round trip and 35 TL for students.

Uludag Ski Tracks

  1. Alkoçlar Teleski: The runway length of the facility in the region is approximately 400 meters. There is only one route that can be followed. The piste with medium difficulty is suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers.
  2. Beceren Teleski: The runway length of the facility in the region is approximately 540 meters. There are 2 routes that can be followed. By following the second route, the length of the runway can be increased up to 670 meters. The difficulty level is easy track. Therefore, it is an ideal track for beginners to ski.
  3. Ergün ski run: The length of the runway, which can be reached by using the Alkoçlar teleski, is 800 meters.
  4. Beden Terbiyesi Kuşaklı Ski Track: The length of the track, which can be reached by using the body training chair lift, is 2750 meters.
  5. Kuşaklıkaya ski run: The length of the runway, which can be reached by using the Kuşaklıkaya Grand chairlift, is 3000 meters.
  6. Garan ski run: The average length of the runway, which can be reached by using the Garan teleski, is 1300 meters.
  7.  Grand Yazici Ski Track (Italy Slope): The length of the runway, which can be reached by using Yazici Teleski, is 650 meters on average.
  8. Belvü ski run: The length of the track, which can be reached using the Belvü chairlift, is 900 meters.
  9. Karakuveleri Track: The length of the track, which can be reached by using Karakuvciler chairlift, is 1100 meters. It is worth mentioning that it is a track that is only used by its characters.
  10.  Fahri Ski Track: The length of the track, which can be reached using the Fahri chairlift, is approximately 1100 meters.
  11. Kervansaray Ski Track: The track that can be reached by using Kervansaray ski lift is approximately 1100 meters.
  12. Beceren Ski Track: It is the track that can be accessed by using the Beceren Lift. The average length of the Hotel Beceren ski track is 900 meters.
  13. Yazıcı Ski Track: The average length of the runway, which can be reached by using Yazıcı ski lift, is 1175 meters.
  14. Osman Yüce Ski Track: The average length of the track, which can be reached by using the Ağaoğlu chair lift, is 650 meters.
  15. Karkay Ski Track: It is the runway that can be accessed by using the Karkay Hotel ski lift. The average length of the Karkay Hotel track is 700 meters.
  16. Grand Yazici Tutyeli Ski Track: The length of the runway reached by using Tutyeli chairlift is approximately 2750 meters.
  17. Ergün ski track: The length of the Ergün ski track is known as 800 meters.
  18. Kuşaklı ski track: The length of this track is 2750 meters. On the Kuşaklıkaya ski run, there is the Kuşaklıkaya Grand chairlift.
  19.  Belvü ski track: The length of this track is 800 meters. Fahri chairlift is located on the Fahri rock track.

Uludag Ski Tours

Since Uludağ Ski Center offers the best activities to do in winter, it attracts the attention of guests who want to take a ski tour. Those who are located close to Uludağ Ski Center are evaluating the daily Uludağ tour options, while those who want a long-term winter holiday consider the Uludağ ski tour options with accommodation. Uludağ daily ski tours vary from 80 TL. The ski tour with Uludağ accommodation is 220 TL, and the Uludağ tour is offered with prices starting from 130 TL including skis. When you go on a ski tour to Uludağ, you can ski on the ski slopes you will choose according to the difficulty level and enjoy the sweet smelling sausage bread.

Uludag Ski Rental Prices

SKIPASS Ski Tickets are used in Uludağ Ski Center. With these tickets, you can buy 4-hour, full-day or 5-day tickets. You can use the entire Uludağ ski center with tickets other than a single exit ticket.

SKIPASS 4-hour ticket costs 90 TL,

1 day SKIPASS 150 TL,

2 days SKIPASS 260 TL,

3 days SKIPASS 350 TL,

4 days SKIPASS 400 TL,

5 days SKIPASS 450 TL,

Ski Equipment and fees;

Ski set consisting of skis, shoes and baton starts from 50 TL for 1 day and goes up to 245 TL for 7 days.

Only ski fares start from 30 TL for 1 day; 55 TL for 2 days, 75 TL for 3 days and 125 TL for 7 days.

Ski shoes start from 30 TL for 1 day.

You will need as ski equipment and clothing in Uludağ;



Knee Brace and Wristband,


Snow Goggles,

T-shirt / Athlete,

Pantyhose / Underwear,

Turtleneck Sweater,



Thermal Underwear,


Ski Jacket,

Ski Pants and Gloves.

Places to Visit in Uludağ / What to do in Uludağ?

Uludağ welcomes a large number of guests, especially in December and January. Uludağ is known as the favorite of the winter season, but it hosts many athletes and visitors in summer thanks to its opportunities such as trekking and camping. Uludağ is the habitat of 92 different plants that are rarely seen in the world. Uludağ is a true natural habitat with hundreds of plant species. You can see colorful flowers, especially in summer, with 790 species of grass-bodied plants.

There are also 9 glacial lakes at the Uludağ summit. When you come with the Uludağ ski tour, you can visit these lakes. You can visit these lakes such as Çaylıdere and Koğuludere lakes in the southeast direction, Kilimli lake, Aynalı lake and Karagöl in the north and you can capture unique frames. It is also suitable for Uludağ camping. If you come with sturdy camping equipment, you can camp around these lakes. You can enjoy the night and the stars by sipping your drinks by the fireplace after skiing in Uludağ Ski Center or after hiking.

Uludağ New Year Programs 2019

Uludağ’s New Year’s Eve programs are very colorful every year. Visitors have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve entertainment with the New Year’s scenes featuring many famous names. Uludağ New Year’s programs are very lively in 2019 again. In addition to names such as Murat Boz, Sibel Can, Volkan Konak and Linet, many names will take the stage in hotels with artists. You can catch unforgettable moments by entering the New Year’s Eve with sports and music in Uludağ. At night, you can coincide with the sausage bread party in many places and enjoy the delicious sausage bread.

Where is Uludağ? / How to get to Uludağ?

How many kilometers between Uludağ and Bursa is one of the most curious subjects. Uludağ is approximately 40 km from Bursa city center. You can find the answer to your question when to go to Uludağ by taking the weather forecast over Snowforecast Uludağ.

 You can reach your hotel in 40 minutes by renting a car in Bursa center. For those coming from Istanbul, it is possible to come at different times by following different routes.

By renting a car at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport or by renting a car in Istanbul from the central districts, you can reach after a 3.5-hour journey by wandering the bay, which is 255 km, as the first altervative.

Another option for those who will go from Istanbul to Uludag is by taking the Eskihisar-Topçular ferry to Yalova and completing the 210 km road in 3 hours.

Another option is to reach Uludağ in 2.5 hours; after a 1.5-hour sea and then a 1-hour road trip by sea bus through Mudanya.

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