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Top 5 Biggest Museums in Turkey

What are the biggest museums to visit in the country and where are these museums? Are there special museums for children? Would you like to learn answers all of these questions? In this article you will find Top 5 Biggest Museums in Turkey.

Top 5 Biggest Museums in Turkey

According to data released by the Statistical Institute of Turkey on 2015, there are 409 museums in the country. 193 of them are affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and 216 of them have special status. 63 of the museums affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are classified as history and archeology, 44 of them classified as anthropology and ethnography museums, and 86 of them classified as general museums. The total number of historical artifacts in museums affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is 3 million 235 thousand 113, and the total number of historical artifacts in private museums is 393 thousand 602. The total number of people visiting these museums is approximately 25 million annually.

Hatay Archaeological Museum

It is also known as Antakya Archeology Museum. This museum has the largest mosaic display area in the world. For this reason, it is the largest mosaic museum in the world. On the other hand, the history of Hatay Archeology Museum dates back to 1934. The construction of the museum, which started in 1934 on the recommendation of the French archaeologist M. Prost, was completed in 1938. A year later, Hatay was the part of the Republic of Turkey.

Hatay Arkeoloji Müzesi
Hatay Arkeoloji Müzesi

Hatay Archeology Museum King Statue

While the museum had the title of the world’s biggest mosaic museum when it was founded, it was ranked second and then third in time. In 2011, a new Hatay Archeology Museum started to be built. This new museum is now the world’s biggest archeology museum with a total of 32,754 square meters of indoor space, 10,700 square meters of exhibition space and 3500 square meters of mosaic exhibition area.

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Hatay Arkeoloji Müzesi Kral Heykeli
Hatay Arkeoloji Müzesi Kral Heykeli
Zeugma Mosaic Museum

For a time it has been the world’s biggest mosaic museum. Zeugma Mosaic Museum, which is the second biggest mosaic museum in the world by losing the first place to the Hatay Archeology Museum in 2014. Zeugma Mosaic Museum was opened on September 9, 2011 and hosted more than 3000 visitors the day it was opened.

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Zeugma Mosaic Museum Orpheus Mosaic

Zeugma Mosaic Museum is one of the world’s leading archaeological museums. The missing or destroyed parts of the 2000-year-old mosaics due to various reasons are displayed visually with the laser system. This museum was built in three blocks. It is divided into mosaic and archeology museums, as well as an exhibition and conference hall. Finally, we should state that the world famous Gypsy Girl mosaic is in this museum and is invaluable.

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İstanbul Archaeological Museums

İstanbul Archeology Museums are in the Eminönü district of İstanbul. This museum complex is consists of three archaeological museums side by side. The first is called Archeology Museum, the second is Ancient East Museum, and the third is Islamic Arts Museum. These museums exhibit a total of more than one million items from nearly every age and almost every civilization.

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The establishment of these museums began in 1866, when Sultan Abdulaziz was influenced by the archeology museums in London, Paris and Vienna and ordered one to be built in İstanbul. But its establishment has been delayed due to various setbacks. The foundation works of museums started in 1891 under the name of the Museum-i Hümayun, which means the Imperial Museum under the curatorship of Osman Hamdi Bey.

İstanbul Arkeoloji Müzesi
İstanbul Arkeoloji Müzesi Girişi

Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Due to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s desire to establish a Hittite museum, the establishment works of Anatolian Civilizations Museum have been started. The establishment process of this museum passed between 1938 and 1968.Today, it is located in the south of Ankara Castle. Many historical items belonging to 8000 BC are exhibited in the museum.

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Topkapı Palace Museum

Topkapı Palace was built because of the conquest of İstanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1453 and the capital of the Ottoman Empire was moved here. The construction of the palace started in 1456. This building was called the “New Palace” at that time. This building, which has been used as a palace for centuries, was turned into a museum in 1924 after the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1923. Since that day, the museum has been the most visited museum in Turkey every year. The museum is uniquely important for foreign tourists and local visitors, as well as countless researchers, writers, scientists from all around the world.

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