Top 10 Most Durable Cars In The World

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In your opinion, which brands are among the top 10 most durable cars in the world? Which are the 10 most reliable cars in the world? Which models are the most reliable among armored cars? So how much are the car rental prices for armored cars? We have brought together armored cars, armored car rental prices and the world’s most durable cars for you.

Durability and safety. These are general concepts that express the qualities sought in a car to protect itself from the intimidating power of external factors. Some people need such high security cars for their jobs. For some, it is important to protect themselves and their family in case of an accident. They can do this by having a car that inspires confidence. So, what brands and models are in the list of the most durable cars?

Which Is The Top 10 Most Durable Cars in the World?

The adjective durability is widely used for Swedish brands. Similarly, there is a durability approach for German cars. On the other hand, Japanese cars have achieved the same image in the last decade. As a result of a general perception other than Euro NCAP data or other tests, the term durability is frequently used for Swedish, German and Japanese cars. You might say, what does it matter how it is perceived by the public. However, general perception affects the popularity and price of an automobile brand or model. This causes the car to be sold faster in the second hand market than any other brand or model. So, what would the results be if a list of 10 most durable cars according to tests?

  • Jaguar-XE

It is one of the best in the luxury class, brought to the market as a sports car. The general distribution of the scores the car received in crash tests is as follows:

Collision Safety: 92%

Child Safety: 82%

Pedestrian Safety: 81%

  • Renault Laguna

This car received 5 stars in EuroNCAP crash tests. Laguna is one of the affordable options that meet the need for durable cars. EuroNCAP results of the Renault Laguna model are as follows:

Collision Safety:%

Child Safety: 82%

Pedestrian Safety: 81%

Top 10 Most Durable Cars in the World

  • Lexus LS 460L

This model was also produced as an armored car. The automobile is one of the first examples of those looking for the most reliable cars. Moreover, the engine power and performance are very well optimized.

  • Toyota Avensis

The Avensis model of the Toyota brand is promoted with the slogan of the luxury family car. The large living space offered in the interior volume is also an important advantage. Toyota is one of the cars that is highly praised especially for its exterior body quality. The distribution of EuroNCAP test results for Toyota Avensis is as follows:

Passenger safety: 81%

Driver safety: 93%

Pedestrian safety: 78%

  • Infiniti Q30

It is a remarkable model in terms of outer body strength. Lexus offers those looking for durable cars what they want. This model is also remarkable with its safety-oriented assistants in driving technologies. Especially the automatic braking system is shown as one of the best.

Driver safety: 84%

Collision safety: 81%

Passenger safety: 86%

Pedestrian safety: 91%

Most Durable Cars

  • BMW 750Li Sedan

We know that the BMW brand already evokes durability. German automotive giant BMW is very sensitive about this. However, if you say which is the BMW’s most durable car, according to Euro NCAP test results, it is the BMW 750Li Sedan. This car becomes a prominent option in the search for a steel frame and armored sedan. Because the front fenders, fuel tank and even the exhaust pipe of the BMW 750Li Sedan are armored.

  • Mercedes-Benz S Guard

This model is also one of the armored car options. However, it has very strange features that distinguish it from other armored cars:

The car can cover all external holes against gas attack. In such a case, it also has its own oxygen tank that will provide fresh air inside the car.

The car has even been tested for M60 machine gun attack.

  • Volvo S/V40

The points received from user experience and crash test experience made the brand the name of durability in a short time. The Swedish brand has a well-deserved reputation. The sportive and balanced usage experience of the brand is also very popular.

Collision safety: 82%

Driver safety: 84%

Passenger safety: 87%

Pedestrian safety: 76%

  • Knight XV

The brand specializes in armored car technology. XV is the most preferred model of the brand. It offers a very special experience with its high driving position, strong terrain capability and armored structure. It is preferred by politicians, pop stars and business people around the world. The model was produced only 100 units. This car is very rare and is shown as one of the best armored cars in the world. Knight XV stands out with its high strength armor and military design.

  • Huron APC

Like Knight, Huron brand is also focused on armored car technology in APC model. It is one of the cars preferred by people who focus on safe travel around the world. Tested against heavily flammable and explosive weapons. APC is also resistant to grenades.

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