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I guess Turkish citizens were the most visited people after the visa was lifted with Ukraine. Ukraine and Lviv have become one of the first addresses of those who want to discover a new country thanks to their proximity and the value of our money. That’s why Elitfukara has listed everything you need to know before going to Lviv such as Tips For Trip to Lviv and Transportation in Lviv in this article.

Tips For Trip to Lviv

If you ready, we look at tips for trip to Lviv. You can reach Lviv from our country by air in a short time like 1 hour and 50 minutes. You can choose many airlines. However, if you want to buy your tickets cheaper, we recommend you to choose the campaign periods.

Going To Lviv With An Chip ID Card

Visa is not required when going to Ukraine for your trip to Lviv. You don’t even need to have a passport. If you have a new chip ID card, Lviv will open your arms. If you are going to go with a chip ID, they will give you a form under passport control, you have to fill that form and not lose it until you return. However, you do not have to go with a chip ID, you can also go with your passport if you wish. We strongly recommend a passport to avoid unnecessary procedures.

Interrogation Room

You have heard about this situation from many people who went to Ukraine as part of a trip to Lviv. Even though your passport has already entered and exited many countries, if you are coming to Ukraine for the first time, you will be directed to the interrogation room during passport control. There is a long queue in front of the interrogation room. If you do not want to wait for a long time, try to be at the beginning of the passport line.


Interview Questions

The interrogation room is not a place to be afraid. In the interrogation room, they ask your name, which country you come from, what business you do, why you came, how many days you will stay in the country and where you will stay. They want you to show how much money you have with you by counting it on the camera. So don’t forget to take cash when you go. Whether you use a credit card or not, you can show your credit card in addition to your cash.
If you are going to another city in Ukraine, you should have your return ticket, accommodation information, departure and arrival dates and accommodation information with you. We printed out all of them from the computer, but you can also show them on your mobile phone screen.

Facts About Lviv
  • Is Lviv Safe?

Yes, the city is pretty safe. But you know that thefts can happen anywhere. You may come across this situation in your own country. Nothing happened to us. However, it is beneficial to keep your belongings safe. Apart from that, you can walk comfortably in this country even at midnight to visit Lviv without any fear.

Currency And Money Exchange in Lviv
The currency in Ukraine is Hryvnia. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful places for those who want to travel comfortably at low cost, as the Turkish Lira is valuable against Hryvnia. You can take Turkish Lira, Dollar or Euro while going for a trip to Lviv. However, it will be easier to have Dollars or Euros with you while converting your money to Grivna in exchange offices. Another option is to withdraw cash from ATMs with your own bank card.

  • Internet access in Lviv

Internet access may be one of the easiest things to solve in Lviv. You can buy a new mobile line either at the airport or in the city center. You can buy Turkcell line with 20 GB internet right for 200 Grivna and 1 month unlimited Vodafone line for 130 Grivna at the airport. Of course, you can use the wireless internet of the places in the city center without purchasing any new mobile line.

  • Souvenirs from Lviv

After visiting Lviv, you can buy coffee from the Lviv Coffee Maker, Beer from the Beer Theater, chocolate from the Lviv Chocolate Factory and liquor from Drunken Cherry on the way back.

Transportation From The Airport To Visit Lviv

When you come to the airport, we know that a journey full of wonder will await you. But it is very easy to go from the airport to your accommodation in Lviv. After leaving the airport, you will see the bus stops right across. You will see bus number 48 and trolleybus number 29 at the stop. You can get on whichever numbered vehicle is closer to your direction. “So how do I know if number 48 or 29 is closer to my destination?” you might say. In short, if you enter the location you will go from the airport to the Google Maps application, it will show you which line you should use.

Transportation in Lviv

Transportation from the airport is of course not just that limited. You can either rent a car, use a taxi or use an Uber. For Uber, you need to call a vehicle through the app. In the application, the license plate of the vehicle that will take you and the photo and location of the driver are visible. If you ask whether it’s a taxi or Uber, we recommend using Uber. Because the fee you will pay is predetermined. Unfortunately, taxis are uncertain about this. If you are going to take a taxi, regardless of the city or the airport, make sure to negotiate the price before you get on. However, there is no negotiation as Uber gives the price on the app. Speaking of Uber vehicles, don’t think of luxury minibuses like in our country. A normal vehicle comes and you get on it.

We are adding an Elit Fukara recommendation here. The only time you will not use public transport is the moment you return to the airport. Public transportation vehicles to go to the airport never arrive at the arrival time, you may have to wait very long. If you want to end your holiday without any trouble, call Uber and it will be with you after an average of 10 minutes.

How much is the transportation fee from the airport to Lviv?

Since Ukraine is a cheap country in general, transportation is also quite cheap. If you are going to take the trolleybus or bus to visit Lviv, you will pay 5 Grivna per person for the tickets. You can buy trolleybus and bus tickets from the driver. Transportation with Uber costs an average of 70 Grivna from the airport to the city center.

Urban Transportation in Lviv

You can use buses, trolleybuses and trams for urban transportation. Taxi and Uber may be the choice of those who want to move faster or those who feel cold in cold weather. In general, on the route you will visit, there is a maximum of 5 minutes between the first destination and the second destination. However, you can use a tram for a few distant points. For example, you can use tram number 7 to reach Museum Of Folk Architecture and Rural Life or Lychakiy Cemetery. Our favorite mode of transportation in Lviv is walking. Come on, the city is waiting for you.

After Visiting Lviv…

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