Three Great Spot for Boat Tours in Turkey

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Which are the most beautiful bays for a boat tour, where to go on a boat tour, how does boat rental work?… Three great spot for boat tours in Turkey was prepared for you by the team Yolcu360.

Three Great Spot for Boat Tours in Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides, west and south shores of the Mediterranean coast and the crystal clear Aegean Sea, decorated with coves. When we get tired, get away from the stress of the city, take a short-term vacation with our friends and loved ones, it can offer us many beautiful points. Here at some of these points, we can go on boat tours, enjoy the deep blue sea and the blowing wind, and feel the peace. Well, what are the best places for a boat tour?

Gulf of Gökova Boat Tour

The Gulf of Gökova, approximately 100 kilometers long, is a tiny gulf in Mugla, between Datca and Bodrum on the Aegean Sea coast. In addition to yacht tourism, it is a bay where many activities such as water skiing, windsurfing, underwater diving and amateur fishing are carried out. The most important one of the Gulf of Gökova boat tours is that  seven days lasts.

In this tour, we start from the coves around Bodrum, stop by Orak Island, English Harbor, Cleopatra Island, Kara Sogut, Tuzla Bay and Pabuc Cape, and reach Bodrum again. Many celebrities have also made very positive comments about this seven-day route. In this type of boat tours, boat tour organizers usually meet all kinds of needs, except for a personal set of needs. In addition, no fees are charged to those under the age of 7, while customers between the ages of 7 and 12 are charged half fee.

How is Ölüdeniz Boat Tours?

Ölüdeniz Bay, which is located in Fethiye district of Muğla and won the blue flag with eighty-two percent of the votes in 2006, is the preferred spot for many people every summer with its virgin environment and unique sea.

Of course, observing the surroundings of such natural beauty with boat tours will be a completely different experience, so boat tours, which are usually daily, have been organized in this region for a long time. Boat tours that usually start at 10 or 11 am, follow routes such as the Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Aquarium Bay, Saint Nicholas Island, Cold Water Bay, Camel Beach and end around 18.00. Pricing is mostly separate for children and adults.

Ayvalık – How is the Midilli Boat Tours?

The Ayvalik district of Balikesir, which has been especially popular in recent years and has opened its doors to thousands and even tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors and tourists every year, is also a very convenient spot for boat tours with its beautiful natural beauties and clear sea.

This tour, departing from Ayvalik, takes eight days. Throughout the tour, the stops such as Maden Island, Kadırga Bay, Sivrice, Babakale, Assos, Behram Kale, Troy, Lesbos, Manastır Island, Naked Island and Cunda or Alibey Island are passed. Again, as in most of the tours with accommodation, organizers usually meet all kinds of needs except a few personal belongings in Ayvalik.

  • In order to inform the boat tour prices, an average number was obtained by obtaining information from several agencies. However, prices may differ depending on the tours.

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