Things to Consider While Driving in Winter

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There are many details that need to be considered while driving in winter, especially in our country, which receives abundant rainfall and long winters. Driving in winter requires more care and attention, especially on icy roads, wet grounds and slippery asphalt. So Yolcu360 team wrote things to consider while driving in winter for you.

Driving on snowy roads in the winter can bring many dangers. In order to minimize these dangers, we have prepared a detailed winter driving guide with details such as driving on icy roads and driving on slippery roads.

Things to Consider While Driving in Winter

It is important that your car continues to run smoothly in the harsh conditions of winter. Most importantly, the first thing you need to do to avoid staying on the road in winter is to have your car winter maintenance.

  • Battery voltage and charge power should be checked. Also, the water level of the battery should be at standard value.
  • Antifreeze should be used to prevent freezing of the radiator water in cold weather. Antifreeze should be checked before entering the winter season.
  • Spark plug settings and cleaning should be done. In this way, you can prevent fuel consumption from increasing.
  • Of course, winter tires should be used. Winter tires should be used against the danger of skidding, especially on bends. You can check winter tire hotels to store your winter tires. What is a tire hotel? Please click.
  • Headlights should be checked. If there are defective bulbs, they should be replaced and made ready for early winter months.
  • The heating system of the car should be checked. Make sure that there is no malfunction in your heating system, especially in winter.
  • Driving in winter is more difficult on snowy and icy roads. Therefore, there should not be a malfunction in the brake system, brake fluid and brake pads should be checked before driving on snowy roads.

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What Should You Check On Your Car Before Driving in Winter?

Some preparations should be made before setting off with your car after winter maintenance. Driving in winter makes such preparations necessary.

  • The temperature inside the car should be at the ideal level. When driving in winter, the ideal car temperature is very important for a safe drive. For the driver to drive carefully and safely, it is vital that the car is at the right temperature. The interior of the car should not be too hot. Standard room temperature is ideal for safe driving.
  • Driving on snowy roads is already difficult. All the snow that may obstruct the view should be cleared.
  • The air conditioning of the car should be directed to the windshields first. Thus, mist on the glass can be prevented.
  • When starting the car in winter, it should be allowed to adapt to the weather conditions by running it at idle for a short time.

Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

You have winter maintenance of your car and have completed what needs to be done before driving in winter. Now it’s time for driving tips. For a safe ride on snowy days, you should also pay attention to the recommendations for driving on snowy roads. What is important when driving on icy roads? Let’s take a look at driving advice on slippery road.

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  • Car Headlights Should Be Checked

When driving in winter, the quality of vision is more important than ever. Because the weather gets dark early and rain or snow prevents our view. Therefore, the headlights should be checked and repaired if there is a problem.

  • Car Glasses Should Be Checked

Due to the minus temperatures of the winter, car windows may crack. Therefore, car windows should be checked and if there is a crack, it should be repaired immediately.

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Winter Maintenance Tips

  • Keep Winter Equipment in the Car

There are additional equipment that should be in your car when driving in winter. The most essential of these are vest, warning triangle and spare wheel. In addition, equipment such as a flashlight, telephone and charger, water, warm clothing, blankets, first aid kit and a full gas can should be available.

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  • The Weather Should Be Tracked

The weather forecast of the General Directorate of Meteorology should be checked and information should be obtained about the weather conditions that will occur before driving.

  • Don’t Drive Fast

Driving on snowy roads should be done more slowly in case of icing, wind, snow and rain. If you do not reduce your driving speed on the slippery road, it may cause you to lose your balance and skid.

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  • Gear Up

Driving on a slippery road necessarily requires high gears. Select the highest gear possible on snow and ice. Driving in winter, driving on snowy roads, driving on icy roads, driving on slippery roads

  • Do Not Brake Suddenly

Do not brake suddenly on snowy and slippery roads while driving in winter. However, you should lower the gear gradually. You have to slow down by lowering the gear until the car stops.

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