Stone Houses of Mardin | Explore the Streets of Mardin!

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Traditional stone houses in Mardin are one of the most beautiful spots of our country on display in the world showcase. The streets of Mardin are among the must-see places, both with their historical texture and cultural richness. You can rent a car and explore this magnificent city. Mardin will impress you with its splendor. Our writer Elif Omput traveled, saw and wrote the Mardin Travel Guide for you.

Hello travel enthusiasts. Today I will tell you about Mardin, which has a completely different place for me. I say I will, but at the same time, I ask myself how to describe such a wonderful city. I was born in February 1992 in Mardin, then my family immigrated to Istanbul for various reasons. I mean, there was not much in my mind about this city because I was very young at that time.

Streets of Mardin

I had a childhood without villages and land in Istanbul. Then one day I went to visit this fairyland. I stayed in Mardin for 2 days. Now I would say go over here, enter this museum or something, but believe me, there is no need for them. Just get lost in the old streets of Mardin, this will be enough for you. You will find yourself in the arms of Mesopotamia. I recommend you to rent a car on Yolcu360 and visit the stone houses and explore the city. You can also rent a car at Mardin Airport.

Traditional Stone Houses and Mardin Castle

We can say that Mardin is the city of religions. The only way to keep so many beliefs together is tolerance. On the other hand, Mardin Castle has a magnificent appearance. The exact date this castle was built is unknown. It is estimated that the castle was built in 10th century. The castle is closed to visitors. However, Zinciriye Madrasah, located just below the castle, is open to visitors.

Traditional Filigree

Mardin is a very beautiful city. Mardin is just the color of honey. I went in the spring, ate almonds from almond trees, and bought almond candy from the famous traditional filigree bazaar. I breathe in the air of my hometown and greet it from my heart, just as they greeted Beirut. It is not possible to describe this city, but you can experience it. A plain in the bosom of Tigris and Euphrates. Mardin is one of our Southeastern Anatolia provinces. We can say that Mardin is the city of languages, religions and stones. This sentence literally comes to life in this city. The city is located in the upper Mesopotamia region. Mardin has 10 districts. The history of the city is so old that it has hosted dozens of civilizations. Mardin has a history of at least 3000 years.

What to Eat in the Streets of Mardin?

I do not know anyone yet who will not be impressed by watching that vast plain of Mardin. I will suggest you a place while you are lost in the streets, you are probably hungry.

The name of the restaurant can make you smile. If you want to hit the taste but far from the pretentiousness, İzmir Restaurant is just for you. This restaurant is located in a passage among stone houses in Old Mardin. You can find the best flavors of Mardin in this small artisan restaurant.

It’s Time to Go to Mardin

Honestly, this is a great time to explore Mardin. The scorching heat of summer and the winter frost is absent in Autumn. Keep in mind that the months of spring and autumn are the right time.

After a nice meal, pamper yourself with a nice coffee in one of the cafes in old Mardin and enjoy the sunset. Mardin is a city that will never end in telling. I greet you with all my heart. Stay with nature, stay in nature. Stay with love.

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