South Korean Car Brands

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What are the South Korean car brands? What are the South Korean cars? Which are the automotive companies based in South Korea? If you are wondering what brands are on the South Korean cars list, you are in the right place. Because as Yolcu360 team, we made a detailed research about South Korean cars for you and we compiled it in this article.

South Korean Car Brands List

  • South Korean Asia Motors 

The company was established in 1965. It was incorporated into Kia in 1988, and then Hyundai in 1999. The company does not produce cars today.

  • Daewoo

Daewoo is a former South Korean automotive brand. The brand was bought by the General Motors group. The models produced in the Daewoo factory since 2011 started to be sold under the Chevrolet brand.

  • Genesis Motors 
Source: https://www.genesis.com/

It was established as a sub-brand of Hyundai Motor Company producing luxury cars. The company became an independent brand in 2015.

  • Hyundai Motor Company

The word meaning of the brand is contemporary and modern. Hyundai is a leading position in the South Korean automotive industry. The brand, which does business in many fields, is also a multinational company. We all know the Hyundai brand well or badly.

  • Kia

The brand is known as Korea’s first bicycle and car manufacturer. Kia was founded in 1944. So we can call it a very old and well-established brand.

  • Renault Samsung Motors
Source: https://group.renault.com/

It is a brand established by the Samsung company to produce cars. With its headquarters in Busan, Samsung has its only assembly site in Seoul with additional facilities. In 1998, the company started selling cars just before the Asian financial crisis in South Korea. However, in September 2000, it became a subsidiary of the French car manufacturer Renault and took its current name.

  • SsangYong 
Source: https://www.ssangyong.com.tr/

The equivalent of the brand name means twin dragon. The company produced its first car in 2004.

  • Tata Daewoo 
Source: http://www.tata-daewoo.com/

The commercial vehicle part of the Daewoo brand was transferred to the Tata brand after bankruptcy. The company is currently recognized as the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in South Korea.

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