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This beautiful village is 8 kilometers away when you enter through the Şirince turnout before coming to Selçuk. While going to the village through winding roads, the tangerine, grape, and olive scents are enough to make you feel happy. The village is in a great location. The old name of Şirince village was Kırkınca. According to the legendary rumor, it was rumored to be dedicated to forty people who hit the mountains.

The village was a Greek town before the Republican era. I like Greek towns, they have a mystical smell. Uçmakdere and Tirilye are a few examples. It is still possible to see the traces of two ruined Greek churches in the village. The narration of the famous writer Dido Sotiroyo about Şirince; “If there is a place called heaven on earth, our Kırkınca (Şirince) must be a part of heaven,” he says. You can reach the truth of this word by watching the village at the entrance of the village.

Şirince is an Aegean Land Sweetened with Wine

From the moment I enter the village, the abundance of wine shops, and the beauty of tasting places encourage you to drink wine. It was a great pleasure for me to walk around the small but cozy architecture streets of the village and taking pictures by wandering in the waffle scents. It’s time for a cup of coffee in the garden of the church. It was the most beautiful Dibek coffee I had after Madam’s Dibek coffee in Gökçeada. You can buy local foods and knitting works, soaps, olive oils, natural plants, teas prepared by the village people in narrow streets paved with stones. Except for a well-known one or two wine brands, you can see the stands of most local wine producers. I recommend you to taste and buy.

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Şirince is Also Famous for Apocalyptic Rumors!

After walking around the village, it is a great pleasure to see Şirince from a bird’s eye view by climbing the hill in front of the old church and the historical houses. Now it’s tea time under the age-old plane tree. Şirince is a great place that I enjoy on my day trip. A charming but peaceful village like its name.

How could such a peaceful village be remembered with the apocalypse? It all started with the rumor that the Mayan calendar ended on December 12, 2012. An ancient civilization the Mayans had neither seen nor heard of Şirince but believed that the Maden Mountain in the shape of the letter M would not be destroyed on December 12. The owner of this claim is uncertain.

A so-called ship would emerge from the middle of the summit on the 321-meter high Maden Mountain in Şirince. This seems like a stolen idea from the legend of Noah’s Ark. Those who were in Şirince and boarded this ship would also be rid of the apocalypse. For this reason, thousands of people from all over the world flocked to Şirince Village on 12 December 2012. What happened? On the morning of December 13, they had breakfast and returned to their homes. So the legend is complete nonsense.

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The Cursed House in Şirince Village

The subject of apocalypse had just closed, but soon after, the cursed house legend began to wander around the mouths. Many Youtube channels pursued this legend and tried to find the secret of the Cursed House story in Şirince Village. As you guess, there was neither a curse nor a cursed home. After all these rumors, Şirince Village continues to host its guests with its peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

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Where is Şirince and How to Get to Şirince?

Şirince is a village in Selçuk District of İzmir. To reach this beautiful village, it is enough to follow the guiding signs while following the İzmir-Aydın highway. The most comfortable way to reach other sightseeing spots in İzmir like Şirince is to rent a car on Yolcu360. Be sure to check out the options for car rental at İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Do not start your trip without examining the options for rent a car in İzmir.

Breakfast Places and Aegean Flavors in Şirince

The days you spent in Şirince will become your unforgettable memories with the peaceful silence of the village, the serenity of being alone with nature, and rediscovering yourself in this serenity. When leaving this beautiful village, you will have a taste of wine and pancakes. The Greek houses of the old historical village will not leave across your eyes. In your mind, “When will I have the opportunity to come again?” will always be the question. I like this place, it is a peaceful village with its location. I left with the desire to visit this beautiful village again. Of course, my path will cross again. Hope to discover…



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