Places to Visit in Kartepe | Where is Kartepe?

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Kartepe attracts many visitors especially in winter with its proximity to Istanbul. Kartepe is located within the boundaries of Kocaeli province. It is ideal for Istanbulites to take a day trip to Kartepe. Kartepe Ski Resort offers a modern facility for those who love winter sports. At the same time, the natural life park like Ormanya in Kartepe is ideal for a pleasant day. So, what are the places to visit in Kartepe? Yolcu360 team has prepared the detailed informations about going to Kartepe by rent a car, prices of Kartepe Ski Resort and tours to Kartepe.

Everything You Should Know About Kartepe

Although Kartepe is known for its ski resort, it offers many activities and places to visit in the summer months. Kartepe attracts attention with its breakfast restaurants in every period of the year. Kartepe is between Izmit and Sapanca Lake. Kartepe is also the third highest mountain in the Marmara Region. For this reason, winter tourism is highly developed. Hotels in Kartepe also meet the needs of visitors in summer and winter.

So where is Kartepe? Kartepe is located 15 km from Maşukiye. You can rent a car in Istanbul and reach Kartepe after a 2-hour journey. You can start the day by having a nice breakfast in Kartepe, and spend time all day with enjoyable sports such as hiking, paragliding, horse riding, skiing and ATV.

Places to Visit in Kartepe

Kartepe is very rich in terms of places to visit with its rich nature and wide geography. With its location close to cities such as Istanbul, Sakarya and Yalova, it is preferred by many people to visit Kartepe for a day. Kartepe Ski Center is very popular in winter. In the summer, Kartepe draws attention with its nature sports and clean air. Kartepe is enjoyable in all seasons. With different points and natural places such as Maşukiye, Ormanya, Trout Valley, Kuzuyayla Nature Park, Eşme and Hobbit Houses, the trip to Kartepe is enjoyable in every season.

Kartepe Ski Resort

The ski center has tracks with different difficulty levels. Kartepe Ski Resort is one of the biggest ski resorts of our country. Those who are interested in skiing can rent equipment from the ski rooms of the Green Park Ski Resort here, and you can start skiing by choosing a track according to your experience. Even if you are not skiing, you can walk in the snow and enjoy sausage bread in the evening. Kartepe Ski Resort is almost the same as other ski resorts in terms of prices.


This place is located below Kartepe. Maşukiye is one of the places to escape from Istanbul on the weekend with its nature and silence. The hotels in Maşukiye host many visitors, especially at the weekend, with delicious food, restaurants and lush nature. You can have a nice breakfast with your family and loved ones in the breakfast restaurants in Maşukiye and then take a nice hike. For those who like to eat fish, fish restaurants in Maşukiye also cook very fresh and beautiful fish.

Ormanya Wildlife Park

Ormanya Wildlife Park should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Kartepe. Because around 750 animals of many species live here. There are areas such as a children’s zoo, walking parks, and picnic areas. You can have a pleasant day with your children and loved ones in Ormanya. It is also suitable for camping in Ormanya. There are many tent and caravan areas. You can camp in Ormanya, watch the stars at night and relieve the stress of the city.

Kuzuyayla Nature Park

Kartepe offers many areas for campers. Kuzuyayla plateau is one of them. You can camp on the Kuzuyayla plateau just by listening to the sound of nature and breathing in the clean air. Clean water, which campers need most, is provided here through fountains. At the same time, breakfast and dinner are also available in the places in the park. A little above it is Altınoluk Plateau. You can go here with a pleasant walk among linden, pine and beech trees.

Where is Kartepe? / How To Get To Kartepe?

Kartepe is located within the borders of Kocaeli province. Kartepe is located between Izmit Bay and Sapanca Lake. Kartepe is 15 km from Maşukiye. To go to Kartepe, you must first take the Sapanca road from Izmit road. You can reach Maşukiye 8 km after Sapanca and Kartepe 15 km after Maşukiye. If you are going to reach Kartepe via TEM Highway, you need to turn to Sakarya and reach Sapanca. You can rent a car on Yolcu360 and go to Kartepe comfortably.

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