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Places to Visit in Edinburgh | Edinburgh Travel Guide

 Scotland is one of the four countries of Great Britain. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries to visit with its historical places and magnificent view. Each city of the country is home to a new adventure. At the head of these cities is Edinburgh with its historical places. Edinburgh is truly an important location in Scottish culture and history. Because it has been the capital of the country since 1457. Think about what happened in this city in history. Anyway, we want to introduce you to the most beautiful places in Edinburgh. In this Edinburgh Travel Guide, you can find information such as places to visit in Edinburgh and how to get to Edinburgh. This article has been prepared for you by Yolcu360 team. Have a nice trip!

Places to Visit in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is among the places to visit in Scotland. The castle was built in the 12th century on the order of David I. The castle has witnessed the most important events in Scotland. The castle is also the most touristic place in the city. So much so that 1 million tourists visit this place every year. It is among the most imposing castles in the world. Edinburgh Castle has been standing for almost 1000 years. You can get detailed information about the history of Scotland by visiting the museum located in Edinburgh Castle. You can see the royal jewels in the Crown Room, which is also located in the castle.

  • Holyrood Palace

You can reach here by following the Royal Road right next to Edinburgh Castle. This is a palace used by the British Royal family since the 16th century. The queen of England was still coming here in the summer and organizing ceremonies. This palace is also famous for its tower where Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland was kept prisoner.

At the beginning of the Royal Road, Holyrood Palace awaits you. It is remarkable with its architecture. In the Middle Ages, the royal family settled in the guesthouse of the Holyrood Monastery during the winter months because the castle was cold and humid. Only part of the outer walls of the monastery have survived to the present day. It is not correct to call this place just a palace. Actually Holyrood is a campus consisting of a monastery, a palace and a park. When the royal family is not using the palace, you can visit Holyrood Palace. There is even a king and queen throne in the palace. In other words, by adding Holyrood Palace to your list of places to visit in Edinburgh, you can even see a real royal throne.

  • Royal Botanic Garden

Imagine a botanical park founded in the 17th century. Yes, this is exactly that place. Indeed, Edinburgh is a very different city. Everything has a history here. Royal Botanic is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. Royal Botanic was founded by two academics. It attracts the attention of many foreign tourists with its rich and diverse collection brought from all over the world. More than 70 decares of land include various parts such as the Rock Garden, Alpine Houses, Woodland Garden, Pond, Arboretum, Chinese Slope and Rhododendron Collection. You can also witness the magnificent panoramic view of the city skyline by adding it to your list of places to visit in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Travel Guide

  • St. Giles Cathedral

You can add St. Giles Cathedral to your list of places to visit in Edinburgh as part of faith tourism. St. Giles Cathedral was built in 1124 by David I. The cathedral was built to strengthen the link between Roman and Scottish churches. This Gothic-style building served the Catholic sect for 400 years. The cathedral underwent a drastic change in 1560 when the Scottish Parliament abolished the papacy and accepted the Protestant sect. Even the stained glass windows in the building have been removed. Inside the cathedral, you can see the statue of John Knox, the leader of the Protestants during the reform movement.

  • National Museum of Scotland

If you want to get to know a country, visit the national museums of the country. That’s why we added the National Museum of Scotland to our list of places to visit in Scotland. The museum was opened in 1998. It takes you on a journey through the long history of the Scottish lands. More than 10 thousand works are exhibited in the museum. You can access all kinds of information from the first settlement in Scotland to the current history of the country. At the same time, historical items such as weapons and jewelery are exhibited in the museum.

  • Scott Monument

We wanted to add a place that you will love among the places to visit in Edinburgh. Especially if you are fond of literature. Designed to represent Sir Walter Scott, the monument is the largest dedicated to an author in the world. It has a height of 61 meters. The image of the monument is also quite imposing. The black and white marbles used in the design of the monument create different light plays on the statue during the day. Especially if you like to take pictures, you can capture beautiful shots here. Also, here you witness an incredible view of Edinburgh.

  • HMY Britannia

HMY Britannia is also known as the yacht of her majesty. The yacht has been used by the royal family on 968 official trips for 44 years. The yacht was built in 1953 by John Brown & Co. It has a length of 33 meters. In fact, the importance of this yacht for the royal is much different. Because the royal family started to go on official voyages in the 17th century and ended with this yacht in 1997. Nowadays, you can stay or eat in the ship.

How to Get to Edinburgh?

There are direct flights from Turkey to Edinburgh. You should choose Edinburgh Airport for your flight to Edinburgh.

Travelers who will return to Istanbul after their trip to Edinburgh can rent a car at Istanbul Airport and continue their travel easily.

Travelers who will return to Ankara by air after visiting the places to visit in Edinburgh can rent a car at Ankara Esenboğa Airport and prefer a comfortable transportation option for their next trip.

Travelers who will return to Izmir after discovering the places to visit in the Edinburgh Travel Guide can rent a car at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

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